Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Margaret  1835Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I26074
2 ARROWSMITH, Edna  1905Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I22940
3 ARROWSMITH, Hubert Stephen  9 Jul 1909Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I20921
4 ARROWSMITH, Susannah  Abt 1877Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I11251
5 ARROWSMITH, William Stephen  1878Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I11253
6 BATTEN, Ethel Iris Gwendoline  15 Feb 1904Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I10742
7 BATTEN, Ivor Morgan  11 Mar 1929Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I10753
8 BATTEN, Vera Eileen  15 Jan 1912Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I8699
9 BEGLEY, Gertrude Elizabeth  4 Sep 1899Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I14462
10 BEGLEY, John Fitton  5 Nov 1930Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I28921
11 BOUCHER, Clara Elizabeth  1887Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I4854
12 BOUCHER, Esther Sophia  1871Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I5445
13 BOUCHER, George Glover  1870Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I5443
14 BRAZIER, Clifford George  1910Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I32500
15 BRAZIER, Cyril Edward  1909Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I32499
16 BRAZIER, Elizabeth Olwyn  1907Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I32498
17 CAHILL, Dennis  1888Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I13330
18 CAHILL, James  1881Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I13311
19 CAHILL, Martin  25 Mar 1883Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I6350
20 CLOTHIER, Elizabeth Ann  1886Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I21843
21 CLOTHIER, Emma Ann  1888Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I21841
22 CLOTHIER, George Ernest  1896Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I21828
23 CLOTHIER, William John  Abt 1885Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I21842
24 DAVIES, Eliza Ann  Abt 1858Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I14345
25 DIX, Elizabeth Ann  1882Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I29755
26 DIX, Thomas H  1878Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I29753
27 DUNNING, Dorothy E A  27 Oct 1917Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I6278
28 DUNNING, Eric George Roy  9 Feb 1913Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I1333
29 DUNNING, Leslie Charles Leonard  12 Mar 1915Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I6279
30 EMANUEL, David  1891Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I31608
31 EMANUEL, Elizabeth  1896Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I31610
32 EMANUEL, James  1888Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I31607
33 EMANUEL, Thomas Evan  1892Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I31609
34 EVANS, Alice Mary  1884Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I3070
35 EVANS, Thomas  Abt 1864Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I21848
36 EYNON, Thomas  1840Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I22772
37 FLEMING, Edith Mary  16 Feb 1890Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I1925
38 FLEMING, Robert John  Abt 1892Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I1922
39 FOXALL, Ann  1870Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I32505
40 FOXALL, Enos  1887Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I32512
41 FOXALL, Samuel  Abt 1845Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I24995
42 FOXALL, Samuel Benjamin  1879Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I32513
43 FOXALL, Thomas Edwin  21 Dec 1882Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I32511
44 FOXHALL, Ann D  1932Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I32504
45 FOXHALL, Benjamin  Abt 1817Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I24992
46 FOXHALL, Emily Sophia  1903Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I32506
47 FOXHALL, Joseph  4 Aug 1902Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I32501
48 FOXHALL, Josiah  1878Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I24987
49 FOXHALL, Mary Ellen  1901Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I32508
50 FOXWELL, Frederick William  1857Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I31908

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BATTEN, Edgar  1941Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I10743
2 BEGLEY, Timothy John  1943Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I28915
3 BOUCHER, James  1912Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I8944
4 DIX, Cecilia  Abt 1900Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I19989
5 DIX, Thomas H  1883Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I29753
6 DUNNING, Edward Alfred Clarence  1975Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I6456
7 DUNNING, Thomas James Ronald  1911Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I6264
8 EDWARDS, Esther  1891Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I9878
9 FOXALL, Ann  1873Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I32505
10 FOXALL, Samuel  1879Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I24995
11 GLOVER, George  1878Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I8763
12 GLOVER, Jane  1911Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I6461
13 GRAY, James  1874Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I2761
14 GRAY, Jesse  1919Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I54
15 GRIFFITHS, Sarah Ann  1945Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I10744
16 JENKINS, Ann  1916Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I11250
17 LLOYD, Sarah Ann  Abt 1932Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I21840
18 MORGAN, Catherine Jane  1923Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I20920
19 NASH, Rosina  1925Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I24994
20 REES, Susanna  1918Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I17488
21 SHORT, Rebecca  1881Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I2846
22 WOODWARD, Fanny  1873Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I29727
23 YANDLE, Cyrus Rogers  1938Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales I26060


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BIGWOOD / FRANCIS  04 May 1857Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales F1012
2 Foxhall / WARD  1901Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales F10234
5 KIRK / THOMAS  16 Jul 1887Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales F1171
6 RICHARDS / SYMES  6 Aug 1917Tredegar, Monmouthshire, Wales F8453