Porthleven, Cornwall, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CHEGWIDDEN, Edward  Abt 1883Porthleven, Cornwall, England I1461
2 CHEGWIDDEN, Eliza  1854Porthleven, Cornwall, England I5758
3 CHEGWIDDEN, Elizabeth  1852Porthleven, Cornwall, England I5754
4 CHEGWIDDEN, Francis William  1879Porthleven, Cornwall, England I6850
5 CHEGWIDDEN, Frederick  Abt 1886Porthleven, Cornwall, England I1462
6 CHEGWIDDEN, Grace  Abt 1861Porthleven, Cornwall, England I1653
7 CHEGWIDDEN, Harriet  1859Porthleven, Cornwall, England I5759
8 CHEGWIDDEN, James Kitto  Abt 1892Porthleven, Cornwall, England I1457
9 CHEGWIDDEN, Jane  Abt 1860Porthleven, Cornwall, England I1654
10 CHEGWIDDEN, John  1852Porthleven, Cornwall, England I2008
11 CHEGWIDDEN, Lily May  1893Porthleven, Cornwall, England I1458
12 CHEGWIDDEN, Martha Jane  Abt 1877Porthleven, Cornwall, England I2442
13 CHEGWIDDEN, Mary Ann  28 Mar 1881Porthleven, Cornwall, England I1464
14 CHEGWIDDEN, Mary Kitto Williams  1889Porthleven, Cornwall, England I1459
15 CHEGWIDDEN, Sarah  1864Porthleven, Cornwall, England I1463
16 CHEGWIDDEN, Thomas Carter  1888Porthleven, Cornwall, England I1460
17 LAITY, Edward Vincent  1863Porthleven, Cornwall, England I2501
18 LAITY, Elizabeth  1879Porthleven, Cornwall, England I2502
19 LAITY, Elizabeth Ann W  01 Dec 1898Porthleven, Cornwall, England I912
20 LAITY, George  1861Porthleven, Cornwall, England I617
21 LAITY, George Vincent  18 Mar 1886Porthleven, Cornwall, England I624
22 LAITY, Helena  09 May 1893Porthleven, Cornwall, England I174
23 LAITY, John  Abt 1870Porthleven, Cornwall, England I2848
24 LAITY, John Vincent  1869Porthleven, Cornwall, England I2505
25 LAITY, John Vincent  1890Porthleven, Cornwall, England I173
26 LAITY, Joseph  1867Porthleven, Cornwall, England I2504
27 LAITY, Josiah  02 Jan 1896Porthleven, Cornwall, England I175
28 LAITY, Martha  1877Porthleven, Cornwall, England I2500
29 LAITY, Mary Jane  1865Porthleven, Cornwall, England I178
30 LAITY, Mary Jane Witheridge  16 Mar 1883Porthleven, Cornwall, England I623
31 LAITY, Richard  1874Porthleven, Cornwall, England I2507
32 LAITY, Thomas  1871Porthleven, Cornwall, England I2506
33 LAITY, William  Abt 1839Porthleven, Cornwall, England I171
34 LAITY, William  20 Apr 1897Porthleven, Cornwall, England I176
35 LAITY, William Thomas  1860Porthleven, Cornwall, England I177
36 POLGLASE, Mary Jane  1838Porthleven, Cornwall, England I172
37 POLGLASE, Thomas  Abt 1836Porthleven, Cornwall, England I2039
38 POLGLASE, Thomas  1842Porthleven, Cornwall, England I2040
39 RUSSELL, Elizabeth  1840Porthleven, Cornwall, England I2048
40 RUSSELL, George Thomas  1845Porthleven, Cornwall, England I1254
41 RUSSELL, James  Abt 1838Porthleven, Cornwall, England I2047
42 RUSSELL, John  Abt 1837Porthleven, Cornwall, England I2042
43 RUSSELL, William  1843Porthleven, Cornwall, England I1253
44 WITHERIDGE, Ann  Abt 1853Porthleven, Cornwall, England I5714
45 WITHERIDGE, Anne  Abt 1865Porthleven, Cornwall, England I10227
46 WITHERIDGE, Charlotte Mary  1877Porthleven, Cornwall, England I2439
47 WITHERIDGE, Elizabeth Jane  Abt 1860Porthleven, Cornwall, England I10228
48 WITHERIDGE, Emily  Abt 1872Porthleven, Cornwall, England I2437
49 WITHERIDGE, Jane Thomas  1866Porthleven, Cornwall, England I2433
50 WITHERIDGE, Katherine  1875Porthleven, Cornwall, England I2438

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Mary Ann  1885Porthleven, Cornwall, England I7974
2 CHEGWIDDEN, Edward  Dec 1893Porthleven, Cornwall, England I2007
3 CHEGWIDDEN, Grace  May 1874Porthleven, Cornwall, England I1653
4 CHEGWIDDEN, James Kitto  1892Porthleven, Cornwall, England I1457
5 CHEGWIDDEN, Thomas Carter  Sep 1888Porthleven, Cornwall, England I1460
6 GOLDSWORTHY, Mary Ann  1897Porthleven, Cornwall, England I2013
7 KITCHEN, Elizabeth Ann  1908Porthleven, Cornwall, England I118
8 POLGLASE, Mary Jane  1904Porthleven, Cornwall, England I172
9 POLGLASE, Thomas  1838Porthleven, Cornwall, England I2039
10 WITHERIDGE, Thomas  1871Porthleven, Cornwall, England I6807


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, Mary Ann  13 Jan 1885Porthleven, Cornwall, England I7974
2 KITCHEN, Thomas  14 Sep 1863Porthleven, Cornwall, England I7975


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 CHEGWIDDEN, Edward  1881Porthleven, Cornwall, England I2007
2 LAITY, George  1871Porthleven, Cornwall, England I617
3 LAITY, George  1881Porthleven, Cornwall, England I617
4 LAITY, George  1891Porthleven, Cornwall, England I617
5 LAITY, John Vincent  1871Porthleven, Cornwall, England I2505
6 LAITY, John Vincent  1881Porthleven, Cornwall, England I2505
7 POLGLASE, Mary Jane  1841Porthleven, Cornwall, England I172


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 CHEGWIDDEN, Edward  10 Apr 1846Porthleven, Cornwall, England I2007
2 CHEGWIDDEN, Edward  05 Sep 1852Porthleven, Cornwall, England I2007


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