Bath, Somerset, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ann  Abt 1790Bath, Somerset, England I8406
2 Mary Ann  Abt 1856Bath, Somerset, England I20000
3 ABBOTT, May Gertrude  28 May 1891Bath, Somerset, England I20906
4 ASHMAN, William Smallcombe  1844Bath, Somerset, England I31405
5 AXFORD, Simon William   I666
6 AXFORD, William Henry Thomas  06 Jun 1919Bath, Somerset, England I1557
7 BALL, Charles  Abt 1896Bath, Somerset, England I8570
8 BALL, Elizabeth  Abt 1836Bath, Somerset, England I1089
9 BALL, Evelyn Violette  1906Bath, Somerset, England I8064
10 BALL, Herbert Sidney  1896Bath, Somerset, England I28977
11 BALL, Reginald George  1895Bath, Somerset, England I28976
12 BALL, Victor Charles  1898Bath, Somerset, England I28978
13 BALL, William  Abt 1834Bath, Somerset, England I1090
14 BALL, Winifred Mary  1909Bath, Somerset, England I6869
15 BALL, Winifred May  1900Bath, Somerset, England I28979
16 BAMBURY, Primrose Hazel  1933Bath, Somerset, England I7823
17 BEDFORD, Walter Harold Paul  1879Bath, Somerset, England I23713
18 BENCE, Richard  9 Nov 1879Bath, Somerset, England I31421
19 BIGWOOD, Ellen Amelia  31 Oct 1872Bath, Somerset, England I4545
20 BIGWOOD, Esther Ada  1875Bath, Somerset, England I2309
21 BIGWOOD, John Ernest  1874Bath, Somerset, England I2307
22 BIGWOOD, Rosa Beatrice  24 Jun 1874Bath, Somerset, England I3685
23 BOLWELL, Angela R   I25347
24 BREWER, Annie  1863Bath, Somerset, England I16261
25 BREWER, Arthur Edwin  1868Bath, Somerset, England I16264
26 BREWER, Emily Jane  1862Bath, Somerset, England I16260
27 BREWER, Florence Amelia  1870Bath, Somerset, England I16265
28 BREWER, Frederick Lot  1867Bath, Somerset, England I16263
29 BREWER, Gertrude May Olive  1899Bath, Somerset, England I16268
30 BREWER, James Edward  1865Bath, Somerset, England I16262
31 BREWER, Thomas William  1860Bath, Somerset, England I16259
32 BRYANT, Ellen Jane  Abt 1832Bath, Somerset, England I3623
33 BULL, Sarah Ann  1860Bath, Somerset, England I9048
34 BUSH, Paul Cromwell  1888Bath, Somerset, England I23556
35 BYRON, Georgiana  1825Bath, Somerset, England I21144
36 CAVELL, Constance Mary  1870Bath, Somerset, England I2564
37 CAVELL, Henry Theodore  1866Bath, Somerset, England I2563
38 CAVELL, Katharine Elizabeth  23 Aug 1863Bath, Somerset, England I3843
39 CAVELL, Mary Jane  1860Bath, Somerset, England I2559
40 CAVILL, Ernest William  1866Bath, Somerset, England I27127
41 CHIPPER, Annie Kathleen  23 Mar 1910Bath, Somerset, England I27381
42 CHIPPER, Elizabeth Mary  3 Sep 1912Bath, Somerset, England I27382
43 CONWAY, Alfred James  1883Bath, Somerset, England I27407
44 CONWAY, Ann  1852Bath, Somerset, England I27390
45 CONWAY, George  1849Bath, Somerset, England I27389
46 CONWAY, Henry  1846Bath, Somerset, England I27388
47 CONWAY, Herbert  1882Bath, Somerset, England I27406
48 COWLES, Eliza  1857Bath, Somerset, England I6124
49 COWLES, Norman H  17 May 1928Bath, Somerset, England I7824
50 COWLES, Paul B   I7822

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Harriet  1888Bath, Somerset, England I1554
2 AXFORD, William Henry S.  Abt 1972Bath, Somerset, England I664
3 AXFORD, William Henry Thomas  1999Bath, Somerset, England I1557
4 BALL, Cyril Herbert  2002Bath, Somerset, England I8060
5 BALL, Leonard Arthur  1980Bath, Somerset, England I7254
6 BALL, Leonard Harrison William  1964Bath, Somerset, England I8578
7 BALL, Sidney Herbert  1944Bath, Somerset, England I8053
8 BAMBURY, Frederick  1954Bath, Somerset, England I6553
9 BAMBURY, Harold Cecil  1985Bath, Somerset, England I7821
10 BATTEN, Richard  1854Bath, Somerset, England I22740
11 BEDFORD, Walter Harold Paul  1913Bath, Somerset, England I23713
12 BIDDLE, Zipporah  1898Bath, Somerset, England I3049
13 BIGWOOD, Emily Hannah  1870Bath, Somerset, England I2083
14 BISHOP, Louisa  1962Bath, Somerset, England I6552
15 BREWER, Beatrice Maud Diamond  1990Bath, Somerset, England I16267
16 BREWER, Frederick Lot  1867Bath, Somerset, England I16263
17 BREWER, Lilian Isabel Victoria  1966Bath, Somerset, England I16269
18 BREWER, Nora Eveline  1969Bath, Somerset, England I13293
19 BRYANT, Ellen Jane  1884Bath, Somerset, England I3623
20 BUDD, Eliza Jane  1929Bath, Somerset, England I5867
21 BULL, Mary Ann  1889Bath, Somerset, England I6149
22 CAVELL, Mary Elizabeth  Abt 1860Bath, Somerset, England I2561
23 CHIPPER, Frederick George  1917Bath, Somerset, England I27379
24 CLARK, Ebenezer  1917Bath, Somerset, England I31150
25 CONWAY, Amos  1936Bath, Somerset, England I27392
26 COWLES, Bernard  1967Bath, Somerset, England I9816
27 COWLES, Norman H  2001Bath, Somerset, England I7824
28 COWLES, Raymond Bernard  1999Bath, Somerset, England I7825
29 COWLES, Rosina  1950Bath, Somerset, England I9815
30 COWLES, William Henry  1962Bath, Somerset, England I9817
31 CRISP, Louisa  1942Bath, Somerset, England I15324
32 DANDO, Mary Jemima  1908Bath, Somerset, England I20967
33 DAVIS, Mary Ann  1883Bath, Somerset, England I10579
34 DAVIS, Thomas Robert  1942Bath, Somerset, England I13685
35 DILLON, Ada Winifred  1887Bath, Somerset, England I10541
36 DILLON, Andrew  1889Bath, Somerset, England I7655
37 DILLON, Andrew William  1903Bath, Somerset, England I9337
38 DILLON, Clara  1891Bath, Somerset, England I10539
39 DILLON, Edith  1886Bath, Somerset, England I10540
40 DILLON, Norman James  1880Bath, Somerset, England I10534
41 DYER, Emily  1919Bath, Somerset, England I6343
42 ELSBURY, Ella Evelyn  1977Bath, Somerset, England I8579
43 ELSBURY, Stanley  1971Bath, Somerset, England I6122
44 FEILDEN, Henry  1742Bath, Somerset, England I12608
45 FOWLES, John  Abt 1859Bath, Somerset, England I8008
46 FRANCIS, John  1874Bath, Somerset, England I4623
47 FRANCIS, Maurice  1896Bath, Somerset, England I9044
48 GAY, Clara  1899Bath, Somerset, England I6588
49 HISCOTT, Elsie May  1976Bath, Somerset, England I11720
50 HUCKLEBRIDGE, Eliza  1938Bath, Somerset, England I27401

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Appointed    Person ID 
1 TRICKEY, Henry  Apr 1877Bath, Somerset, England I15295
2 TRICKEY, Henry  1880Bath, Somerset, England I15295


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Attended    Person ID 
1 TRICKEY, Mary Elizabeth  07 Oct 1935Bath, Somerset, England I15299
2 TRICKEY, William Procter  07 Oct 1935Bath, Somerset, England I15298

Cause of Death

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Cause of Death    Person ID 
1 EDWARDS, Thomas Millward  14 Apr 1940Bath, Somerset, England I17882


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Elected    Person ID 
1 TRICKEY, Henry  1868Bath, Somerset, England I15295
2 TRICKEY, Henry  1887Bath, Somerset, England I15295
3 TRICKEY, Henry  Nov 1891Bath, Somerset, England I15295

Joined the Royal Artillery Regiment

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Joined the Royal Artillery Regiment    Person ID 
1 BIGWOOD, Samuel  01 Jul 1852Bath, Somerset, England I3635


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Vaccinated    Person ID 
1 SCOTT, Alice Maud  04 Jul 1875Bath, Somerset, England I16086
2 SCOTT, George Wallace  18 Jun 1876Bath, Somerset, England I16079


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 MERCER / TILEY   F3231
2 OLLIS / OWEN   F2317
3 SCOTT / Bolwell   F7940
5 SINGER / BRYANT  1861Bath, Somerset, England F916
6 WILLIAMS / MARCHANT  1940Bath, Somerset, England F3416


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 COWLES / WILTSHIRE  1934Bath, Somerset, England F2446

Number of Children Born Alive according to the 1911 Census

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   Family    Number of Children Born Alive according to the 1911 Census    Family ID 
1 CHIPPER / CONWAY  1911Bath, Somerset, England F8656

Number of Children who have Died according to the 1911 Census

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   Family    Number of Children who have Died according to the 1911 Census    Family ID 
1 CHIPPER / CONWAY  1911Bath, Somerset, England F8656