Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Susanna  Abt 1811Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England I9385
2 BIDDLE, Albert James  1858Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England I27083
3 BIDDLE, Ernest  1793Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England I27092
4 BIDDLE, Moses  1797Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England I27088
5 CARELESS, John  Abt 1817Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England I363
6 CARELESS, Thomas  Abt 1842Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England I5860
7 GWYNN, Elizabeth  17 Jul 1793Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England I12543
8 GWYNN, Elizabeth  1821Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England I12537
9 GWYNN, Humphrey Thomas Martin Crowther  09 Nov 1853Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England I12506
10 GWYNN, John Crowther  23 Jun 1828Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England I12504
11 GWYNN, Margaret Brookes  1855Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England I12507
12 GWYNN, Margaret Sophia  Abt 1833Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England I17815
13 GWYNN, Margaret Thurston  1832Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England I17814
14 GWYNN, Martha Ann  1821Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England I12536
15 GWYNN, Nathaniel Crowther  11 Sep 1791Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England I12542
16 GWYNN, Richard  1823Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England I17813
17 GWYNN, Thomas  18 Mar 1790Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England I12534
18 GWYNN, Ursula Maria  1822Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England I17810
19 JOHNSON, Deborah  1849Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England I30082
20 JOHNSON, Eliza Ann  1842Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England I27054
21 JOHNSON, George  1811Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England I27061
22 JOHNSON, Richard Jordan  1809Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England I30090
23 ROBINS, George  Abt 1836Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England I8322
24 THURSTON, Margaret  20 Feb 1788Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England I12535


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 GWYNN, Margaret Sophia  Apr 1836Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England I17815
2 GWYNN, Richard  May 1824Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England I17813
3 GWYNN, Richard  May 1846Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England I12538
4 GWYNN, Thomas  22 Oct 1869Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England I12534
5 GWYNN, Ursula Maria  1824Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England I17810
6 HILL, Stephen Tom  1935Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England I30095
7 RADMORE, Thomas Henry  1979Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England I28413


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 GWYNN, Annie Elizabeth  15 Jun 1859Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England I12508


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BIDDLE / BROWNING  1846Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England F8580
2 GWYNN / TOMBES  08 May 1788Thornbury, Gloucestershire, England F3557