Portsmouth, Hampshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BACON, Nora Creina  Abt 1837Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I24616
2 BARTON, Eva Elizabeth  14 Dec 1901Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I32910
3 BIGWOOD, Ernest Llewelyn Donald  1912Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I9754
4 BIGWOOD, Michael L   I11328
5 BUDGEN, Sian Angharad   I3804
6 CAPPER, Albert Victor  11 May 1901Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I16932
7 CAPPER, Edward James  1861Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I16929
8 CAPPER, John George  1835Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I16926
9 CAPPER, John George  1859Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I16928
10 CAPPER, Louisa  1870Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I16930
11 CAPPER, Mary Annie  Abt 1864Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I16923
12 CATTLE, Douglas C   I3125
13 CHAPMAN, Denis Charles  22 Jan 1929Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I11766
14 CORBETT, Alfred William G  4 Apr 1924Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I33181
15 CORBETT, Una K  1929Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I33182
16 COX, Frederick  Abt 1872Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I16933
17 DALY, Sidney John  1886Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I22485
18 DUNNE, Elizabeth Harriett  1871Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I28420
19 FLEMING, Albert Ernest  7 Aug 1890Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I32912
20 FLEMING, Edward James  1857Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I32913
21 FLEMING, Edward W  1883Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I32916
22 FLEMING, Harry A  1889Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I32918
23 FLEMING, Irene E  1887Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I32917
24 FLEMING, Sidney John Knowlton  1 Jul 1892Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I32919
25 FOREMAN, Dorothy M  16 Oct 1922Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I22689
26 FOREMAN, Hilda F  1916Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I22687
27 FOREMAN, William G  3 Feb 1925Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I22690
28 GARDNER, Edgar W   I4293
29 GARDNER, Ethel  Abt 1909Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I6765
30 GARDNER, George  1910Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I6764
31 GARDNER, Ronald E  16 Nov 1919Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4182
32 GARDNER, William Ewart  1889Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4120
33 GEAR, Alice Louisa  1885Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I25549
34 GREENHOUSE, Amy  Abt 1900Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I10236
35 GREENHOUSE, Dorothy  Abt 1906Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5171
36 GREENHOUSE, Reginald  Abt 1908Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5170
37 GREENHOUSE, Ruth  1911Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5169
38 GREENHOUSE, Victor Alexander  5 Jan 1903Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5172
39 GREENHOUSE, William  Abt 1898Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I10235
40 HODGES, Cyril A  25 Jul 1929Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I32932
41 HODGSON, Sarah Harriet  Abt 1858Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I16931
42 HOLLIS, Emily Martha  Abt 1877Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4405
43 HOUNSELL, Florence Hanna  1889Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I7958
44 HOUNSELL, Henry Richard  Abt 1903Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I6798
45 HOUNSELL, Nellie  1887Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I7961
46 HUNT, Alice Mary  1862Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I1012
47 ISWORTH, Catherine Louise  1894Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I25286
48 KNOWLTON, Maria  1861Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I32914
49 MARDEN, Richard Leslie  03 Mar 1899Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I14341
50 MILLARD, Edith Ann  Abt 1870Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I7481

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BIGWOOD, Harold  Abt 1941Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I2381
2 BIGWOOD, Kate  1948Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4571
3 BIGWOOD, Thomas Rowland  1937Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I1449
4 CAPPER, Albert Victor  1974Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I16932
5 CAPPER, Edward James  1908Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I16929
6 CAPPER, John George  1932Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I16928
7 CAPPER, Louisa  Abt 1963Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I16930
8 CHAPMAN, Denis Charles  2006Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I11766
9 COX, Frederick  1914Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I16933
10 DINE, William Frederick  1941Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I22863
11 FLEMING, Albert Ernest  1941Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I32912
12 FOREMAN, George William  1941Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4673
13 GARDNER, Ronald E  1988Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4182
14 GREENHOUSE, Alice Flora  1948Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I7957
15 GREENHOUSE, Thomas  1917Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5168
16 GREENHOUSE, Victor Alexander  1972Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5172
17 HAYLES, Gladys Primrose Irene  25 Mar 1960Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I3080
18 HODGES, Cyril A  1998Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I32932
19 HODGES, Cyril Arthur  1979Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I32930
20 LUCAS, Harry Richard  1953Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I32908
21 MACLEAN, Janet Ann Fraser  1953Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I25288
22 MIDDLETON, Ethel May  2000Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I527
23 MILES, Louisa  1926Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I16925
24 MILTON, Kathleen  09 Nov 1949Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I7693
25 MINTER, Charles Henry  21 Jan 1968Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I8049
26 MINTER, Leslie George  21 Jul 2009Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I3076
27 PASSINGHAM, Albert Edward  1992Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I6458
28 PASSINGHAM, Grace  1989Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I7157
29 PASSINGHAM, James John  1924Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I2404
30 PASSINGHAM, Kate  1990Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I7162
31 POUNDS, Ethel Susan  1938Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I22868
32 READ, Frederick  1951Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I16920
33 READ, Nellie Mary L  1959Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I5846
34 SILVER, Phoebe Alice Elizabeth  1986Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I32931
35 SIMS, Emily  1912Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4538
36 SLIGHT, Mary Jane  1929Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I16927
37 SMART, Kate Eliza  1952Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I10238
38 TILLEY, Gladys Patricia  1998Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I11327
39 WISDEN, John Patrick  29 Aug 1940Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I3629


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Address    Person ID 
1 FOREMAN, George William  25 Dec 1915Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I4673


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Demobilised    Person ID 
1 PYM, Maurice Albert  9 Apr 1921Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I18402


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Enlisted    Person ID 
1 PYM, Maurice Albert  8 Jul 1901Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I18402

Fact 1

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Fact 1    Person ID 
1 NICHOLLS, George K.C.B.  26 Jan 1797Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I7465

Fact 2

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Fact 2    Person ID 
1 NICHOLLS, George K.C.B.  18 Oct 1797Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I7465


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Posted    Person ID 
1 HILL, Thomas Andrew  24 Jan 1907Portsmouth, Hampshire, England I28778


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BERRINGTON / Isworth   F7917
2 BOYS / FOREMAN  1967Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F10470
3 CHALMERS / SILVER  1970Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F10437
4 Chapman / DINE   F7745
5 CORBETT / STRETCH  1922Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F10480
6 Gardner / Edmunds   F2308
7 Goddard /    F6420
8 GREENHOUSE / Bonfield   F987
9 GREENHOUSE / Hollis   F2367
10 HODGES / SILVER  1929Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F10398
11 HODGES / WARD  1968Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F10438
12 McILROY / PASSINGHAM  1926Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F10386
13 NUTTER / SAUNDERS  12 Aug 1833Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F1601
14 PALMER / CHASE  1874Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F570
15 PASSINGHAM / BARTON  1926Portsmouth, Hampshire, England F10387
16 READ / MILES   F5012

Completed years of marriage.

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   Family    Completed years of marriage.    Family ID 
1 Isworth / Maclean   F7918