Nottinghamshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BOOTHBY, Reginald Evelyn  18 Jan 1855Nottinghamshire, England I12256
2 PROCTOR, Charles Ernest  Abt 1893Nottinghamshire, England I4
3 SHARMAN, Emma  Abt 1835Nottinghamshire, England I8775
4 SHARMAN, Lucy A.  Abt 1857Nottinghamshire, England I7925
5 VERNON, Louisa Henrietta  1788Nottinghamshire, England I12268
6 WADDINGTON, Peter Horner  30 Oct 1919Nottinghamshire, England I18482
7 WADDINGTON, Richard  1895Nottinghamshire, England I18483
8 WADDINGTON, Richard Horner  17 Oct 1916Nottinghamshire, England I18484


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BENTLEY, Dorothy  1955Nottinghamshire, England I18407
2 BINGHAM, George Henry  1942Nottinghamshire, England I18408
3 BLUNDY, Albert Edward  1971Nottinghamshire, England I18409
4 BLUNDY, Cecil  1972Nottinghamshire, England I18410
5 BLUNDY, Edward  1943Nottinghamshire, England I18411
6 BLUNDY, Eliza  1939Nottinghamshire, England I18412
7 BLUNDY, Ellen Frances  Abt 1952Nottinghamshire, England I18413
8 BLUNDY, Ernest  1960Nottinghamshire, England I18415
9 BLUNDY, Gertrude Irene  1955Nottinghamshire, England I18416
10 BLUNDY, Thomas  1893Nottinghamshire, England I18418
11 BLUNDY, Thomas S  1956Nottinghamshire, England I18419
12 BOTTAMLEY, Sarah  Abt 1909Nottinghamshire, England I18427
13 BOTTAMLEY, William  1880Nottinghamshire, England I18429
14 CHERRINGTON, Barchel  1904Nottinghamshire, England I8031
15 CHERRINGTON, Charles Arthur  1904Nottinghamshire, England I6843
16 CHERRINGTON, George Widdowson  1943Nottinghamshire, England I8032
17 CHERRINGTON, Herbert Edward  1917Nottinghamshire, England I6846
18 GIBSON, Aaron  1913Nottinghamshire, England I13507
19 GIBSON, Abraham  1922Nottinghamshire, England I13509
20 GOODBAND, Elsie Doris  Abt 1975Nottinghamshire, England I18457
21 HORNER, Charles Henry  1954Nottinghamshire, England I18460
22 HORNER, Edmund  1889Nottinghamshire, England I18462
23 HORNER, Edmund Cecil  Abt 1942Nottinghamshire, England I18463
24 HORNER, Elsie May  1976Nottinghamshire, England I18464
25 HORNER, Thomas Christian  1959Nottinghamshire, England I18467
26 SMITH, Charles Sebastion  1904Nottinghamshire, England I8085
27 WADDINGTON, Peter Horner  2006Nottinghamshire, England I18482
28 WADDINGTON, Richard Horner  1992Nottinghamshire, England I18484
29 WHATE, Daisy  1980Nottinghamshire, England I18486


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
2 COPE / BALDWIN   F2635
3 DE BARY / WALKER   F3632
4 GIBSON / NORTH  Abt 1870Nottinghamshire, England F3859
5 GIBSON / SHAW   F3861
6 STRINGER / YEO   F2277
7 WADDINGTON / HORNER  1915Nottinghamshire, England F5499