Calcutta, Bengal, India



Latitude: 22.5726460, Longitude: 88.3638950


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ATKINSON, Edith Frances  1868Calcutta, Bengal, India I29059
2 BRYCE, Henrietta  16 Dec 1816Calcutta, Bengal, India I1237
3 CAVELL, Henry Theodore  Abt 1825Calcutta, Bengal, India I2565
4 CHEEK, Catharine Eliza  1823Calcutta, Bengal, India I15851
5 COCKBURN, Francis P  Abt 1858Calcutta, Bengal, India I7025
6 COCKBURN, George F  Abt 1852Calcutta, Bengal, India I7026
7 COCKBURN, Graham S  Abt 1863Calcutta, Bengal, India I7024
8 COCKBURN, Mary Ann Amy Macrae  29 Aug 1855Calcutta, Bengal, India I7029
9 COCKERELL, Anna Theresa  20 Sep 1836Calcutta, Bengal, India I21077
10 DORIN, Charles Alexander  1856Calcutta, Bengal, India I27252
11 HEILGERS, Henriette  Abt 1885Calcutta, Bengal, India I5017
12 LANE, Cecil Augustine Bruce  11 Dec 1857Calcutta, Bengal, India I12180
13 MACPHERSON, Andrew Kennedy  30 Nov 1844Calcutta, Bengal, India I26756
14 MUNRO, Alastair Cameron  06 Oct 1907Calcutta, Bengal, India I18595
15 THOMAS, Ellen Fanny  10 Jul 1845Calcutta, Bengal, India I6779
16 THOMAS, Emily  26 Jun 1839Calcutta, Bengal, India I6783
17 THOMAS, Francis Henry  02 Oct 1841Calcutta, Bengal, India I6781
18 THOMAS, Janet  31 Dec 1851Calcutta, Bengal, India I6787
19 THOMAS, Margaret Hester Deerbooke  04 Feb 1843Calcutta, Bengal, India I6778
20 THOMAS, Robert Moseley  23 Oct 1813Calcutta, Bengal, India I1233
21 THOMAS, Robert Moseley Bryce  14 Sep 1840Calcutta, Bengal, India I6780
22 TROTMAN, Clement Newsham  7 Aug 1871Calcutta, Bengal, India I24559
23 TROTMAN, Ellen  9 Dec 1874Calcutta, Bengal, India I24560
24 TROTMAN, Fiennes Samuel  4 Oct 1868Calcutta, Bengal, India I24561
25 TROTMAN, Lucy  29 Jul 1873Calcutta, Bengal, India I24563
26 TROTMAN, Nathaniel Fiennes  3 Jun 1877Calcutta, Bengal, India I21807
27 WATTS, Amelia  1750Calcutta, Bengal, India I23216


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 WATTS, Amelia  22 Dec 1750Calcutta, Bengal, India I23216


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 CHEEK, Catharine Eliza  04 Dec 1823Calcutta, Bengal, India I15851


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 PATTLE / READ  Nov 1801Calcutta, Bengal, India F5950
2 THOMAS / BRYCE  07 Jul 1838Calcutta, Bengal, India F279