Gloucestershire, England



Latitude: 51.8642112, Longitude: -2.2380335


Matches 1 to 46 of 46

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Caroline  1787Gloucestershire, England I19241
2 Elizabeth  Abt 1787Gloucestershire, England I6257
3 Frances  Abt 1784Gloucestershire, England I27955
4 Mary  1764Gloucestershire, England I33563
5 Mary  Abt 1806Gloucestershire, England I6255
6 BATTEN, Elam  1878Gloucestershire, England I33834
7 BEES, Doris I  1930Gloucestershire, England I32545
8 BEES, William C  13 Sep 1932Gloucestershire, England I32543
9 BENNET, Jane  Abt 1785Gloucestershire, England I12446
10 BRITTON, Ann  Abt 1834Gloucestershire, England I7936
11 BRITTON, Caroline  Abt 1837Gloucestershire, England I7934
12 BRITTON, Elizabeth  Abt 1830Gloucestershire, England I6254
13 BRITTON, Emma  Abt 1838Gloucestershire, England I7933
14 BRITTON, George  Abt 1839Gloucestershire, England I7932
15 BRITTON, Harriet  Abt 1836Gloucestershire, England I7935
16 BRITTON, Isaac  Abt 1807Gloucestershire, England I6259
17 BRITTON, Samuel  Abt 1787Gloucestershire, England I6258
18 BRITTON, William  Abt 1832Gloucestershire, England I7937
19 BROWN, Mary  1849Gloucestershire, England I31153
20 BURCHILL, William  1806Gloucestershire, England I29314
21 COWLEY, Rebecka  1879Gloucestershire, England I2457
22 CUFF, Minnie Louisa  1873Gloucestershire, England I28674
23 DOWLE, Thomas  1783Gloucestershire, England I19313
24 GREEN, Robert  1833Gloucestershire, England I28024
25 HALE, Leonard Stanley  23 Oct 1919Gloucestershire, England I25433
26 HANCOCKS, Jane  26 Mar 1866Gloucestershire, England I1911
27 HELSTONE, Ellen Gilling  Abt 1830Gloucestershire, England I13476
28 HOBDEN, Alan E   I32430
29 HOBDEN, Ann  1937Gloucestershire, England I32431
30 HOBDEN, Bryn D  28 Apr 1939Gloucestershire, England I32432
31 HOBDEN, Christine E  1940Gloucestershire, England I32433
32 HOBDEN, Joan   I32435
33 HOBDEN, John  1931Gloucestershire, England I32436
34 HOBDEN, Lawrence Clifford   I32429
35 IDDLES, Maria  1839Gloucestershire, England I11512
36 PEDDER, Samuel  Abt 1830Gloucestershire, England I10958
37 PEDDER, Thomas  Abt 1836Gloucestershire, England I10960
38 PINCOTT, William  Abt 1848Gloucestershire, England I8237
39 PRICE, Lucy Ann  Abt 1834Gloucestershire, England I15335
40 REVILL, Philip Bernard   I1705
41 SHAW, Dorothy  1902Gloucestershire, England I24482
42 SHORT, Maud Emily L  11 Apr 1893Gloucestershire, England I33888
43 SPROSTON, Mary Veronica  28 Apr 1888Gloucestershire, England I13037
44 ST.CLAIR, David J  Abt 1853Gloucestershire, England I20686
45 THOMAS, George  Abt 1838Gloucestershire, England I24121
46 VERNON, Millicent Evelyn  1887Gloucestershire, England I12325


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Susanna  Abt 1866Gloucestershire, England I9385
2 BATTEN, Elam  1957Gloucestershire, England I33834
3 BEES, Temperance  1962Gloucestershire, England I32376
4 BIDDLE, Mark  1900Gloucestershire, England I27076
5 BRACE, Amy Selina  1942Gloucestershire, England I12043
6 BURCHNALL, Winifred Nora  1995Gloucestershire, England I28418
7 COX, Primsrose May  1982Gloucestershire, England I11835
8 DAY, Charlotte  1891Gloucestershire, England I28652
9 DINE, Constance Ethel Mary  23 May 2017Gloucestershire, England I22858
10 GABB, Harry Escott  1942Gloucestershire, England I5034
11 GANE, Glenys Elizabeth  2006Gloucestershire, England I31659
12 GRANVILLE, Phyllis  1981Gloucestershire, England I22415
13 GUEST, Edward Enos  1997Gloucestershire, England I3893
14 HALE, Leonard Stanley  2006Gloucestershire, England I25433
15 HARTWELL, George Reginald  1966Gloucestershire, England I31361
16 HOBDEN, Albert  1975Gloucestershire, England I32377
17 IDDLES, Maria  1840Gloucestershire, England I11512
18 LANDMAN, William  1927Gloucestershire, England I11169
19 MILLS, Hannah  1988Gloucestershire, England I11516
20 NICHOLS, Doris  1964Gloucestershire, England I31363
21 PARFITT, Edgar Charles  1968Gloucestershire, England I13676
22 PICKTER, Charles William  Abt 1853Gloucestershire, England I22444
23 PRINCE, Beatrice May  1967Gloucestershire, England I3305
24 SAVAGAR, Edwin  1949Gloucestershire, England I12049
25 STONE, Eva Gladys  1997Gloucestershire, England I32542
26 WALLER, Rachel Elizabeth Frances  6 Jan 1954Gloucestershire, England I19821
27 WESTON, Alice Jane  1947Gloucestershire, England I5538


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Barham / HORE  1848Gloucestershire, England F581
2 Careless /   Abt 1837Gloucestershire, England F76
3 DAVIS /   Abt 1834Gloucestershire, England F2322
4 DOWIE / HUDSON   F4851
5 GREENFIELD / CARTER  1862Gloucestershire, England F6799
6 HENDY / BARNES  1886Gloucestershire, England F977
7 JONES / FRYER  1856Gloucestershire, England F5422
8 MORGAN / WILLIAMS  1841Gloucestershire, England F9696