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From the Cambridge Independent Press Newspaper, January 29th. 1904, page 3, Death report


Mr. Henry Phillip Markham, Deputy-Lieutenant of Northamptonshire, Clerk of the Peace of the county, and clerk to the County Council, and formerly Mayor of the borough of Northampton, died at his residence - Sedgebrook, Pitsford - on Monday in his 88th. year. He was the oldest Freemason in Northampton, and had been Clerk of the Peace for 58 years. 
MARKHAM, Henry Phillip (I6663)
From:- British Armourial Bindings, University of Toronto Libraries

Thomas Phillipps was the son of Thomas Phillipps of Broadway in Worcestershire, and Hanna Walton.. He was educated at Rugby School and University College, Oxford, where he matriculated 1811, and took his B.A. 1815, and his Master of Arts in 1820. He was a Fellow of the Royal Society, of the Society of Antiquaries, and one of the earliest members of the Athenaeum Club, but declined election to the Roxburghe Club, on the grounds that their publications were trivial. He inherited his father’s property Middle Hill in Worcestershire in 1818. He was created a Baronet 27 July 1821. A prodigious collector of printed books, his particular mania was manuscripts, of which he amassed enormous numbers. With a view to making some of his manuscripts more accessible, he set up a private press at Middle Hill about 1822, from which he poured out a vast number of items, mostly edited by himself. He married, firstly, 7 February 1819, Harriet, daughter of Lieutenant General Sir Thomas Molyneux, Baronet, and by her had three daughters. His eldest daughter, Henrietta Elizabeth Molyneux, married the Shakespearean scholar and forger John (sic) Orchard Halliwell, whom Phillipps detested. Sir Thomas married secondly in 1842, Elizabeth, daughter of the Rev. W. J. Mansell. In 1862, Phillipps moved his library and printing press to Thirlstane House in Cheltenham. By his will, he left Thirlstane House and his books, manuscripts, and other collections to his youngest daughter, Katherine Somerset Wyttenbach, wife of John Edward Addison Fenwick. They have since been dispersed by private treaty and public auction, the first of the Phillipps manuscript sales taking place at Sotheby's in July 1891. The printed books were sold in three sales at Sotheby's in August 1886, January 1889, and December 1891.

Seat / Residence(s): Middle Hill, Worcestershire, Thirlstane House, Gloucestershire

Library Auction Details: Sotheby's (August 1886, January 1889, December 1891) 
PHILLIPS, Thomas (I12336)
The National Archives (Discovery search result) Shakespeare Centre Library and Archive, Extracts

Account and bank books of Robert Hiorne Hobbes, Stratford-upon-Avon, solicitor, with papers relating to etsates of which he was an executor
Papers of Robert Hiorne Hobbes of Bedford Row in the County of Middlesex and of Stratford upon Avon.
This firm was founded by Robert Hiorne Hobbes in 1828. In 1843 he took into partnership John Slatter, and they operated as Hobbes and Slatter until 1865 when the former's son, William Hobbes, joined the partnership to establish the firm of Hobbes Slatter and Hobbes. This partnership was dissolved in 1876 and two new firms set up. One consisted of Robert Hobbes and John Slatter and returned to the name Hobbes and Slatter. William Hobbes apparently set himself up independently but the following year, on the final breakup of the partnership between Hobbes senior and Slatter, he was joined by his father and Alexander Pearce to form the partnership, Hobbes Son and Pearce. On the death of Robert Hobbes this partnership was dissolved yet again and William Hobbes re-established himself with a new partner to form the firm Hobbes and Norbury. In the meantime John Slatter had set up in partnership with his son (Slatter and Son) and in 1879 they were joined by Frank Gibbs (Slatter Son and Gibbs). This partnership lasted until 1911 when the firm Slatter Son and Slatter was established. The Slatter partnerships were housed in the Warwick Road premises where Robert Hobbes had founded the practice. William Hobbes, when he left the firm in 1876, practised in Old Town and Ely Street but his firm's books were found on the Warwick Road premises, presumably because Slatter Son and Gibbs wound up the firm when William Hobbes died.
Robert Hiorne Hobbes died on 30th April 1880.
Daughters: Elizabeth Ann 16th December 1833, Emma Rice Hobbes 16th December 1833
HOBBES, Robert Hiorne (I12383)
4 General Register Office Index:- March 2001, Truro; Died Without Issue DOLBEAR, Rosina Mary (I11527)
5 Pontypool 28 0949 SHEPHERD, Eliza Jane (I5335)
6 Jane (I16172)
7 ? Canada BOND, Frederick Richard (I8493)
8 ? Canada BOND, Glendower (I8497)
9 " 1 week old" at Baptism JENKINS, Sarah (I2177)
10 "a few days old" at Baptism. JENKINS, Mary (I2176)
11 "Admon Granted to her husband 16 May 1684." GRUBB, Elizabeth (I22365)
12 "Age 2 years and 9 months." ADENEY, Elizabeth Harriet (I15361)
13 "Antique China Repairer." BALL, Harrison William (I5772)
14 "Big Ben", the Hour Bell at the houses of parliament, maybe named after this gentleman who was Commissioner for Works when it was erected. Opinion differs.(Benjamin was nicknamed "Big Ben" because of his stature.

"The Visitations of England and Wales, volume 4, 1896" gives his date of burial as "3 May 1867" yet the Burial register for the Parish Church of St Bartholomew, Llanover gives his date of burial as "May 16th 1867". I wonder which is correct? 
HALL, Lord Benjamin Baron Llanover (I20274)
15 "BOWLING or BOWLING BAY, village on the Clyde, at exit of Forth and Clyde Canal, 3? miles east-south-east of Dumbarton. It has a post office, with money order and telegraph departments, under Glasgow, a railway station, a hotel, wharves, a shipbuilding yard, and a public school with about 121 scholars. Pop. 687." [From The Gazetteer of Scotland, by Rev. John Wilson, 1882.] SPENCE, James (I8034)
16 "By Special Licence" Source (S2386)
17 "Cupar is bounded by the parishes of Dairsie, Kemback, Ceres, Cults, Monimail, Moonzie and Kilmany. It is 5 miles long and 5 miles wide at its widest point. The river Eden flows through the parish, about 2/3rds of the parish being on the north bank. There are 3 spinning mills, a foundry, a fulling mill, 2 tan works, 3 breweries, a rope work, a brick work and several corn, barley and flour mills. A principal employment is the weaving of coarse linens which employs upwards of 600 looms. There are stations on the Dundee fork of the Edinburgh and Northern Railway at Cupar and Springfield. The burgh of Cupar contains many new houses and presents the appearance of a thriving modern town." edited from Wilson's Imperial Gazetteer of Scotland published 1856. BLAIR, David (I9975)
18 "Died age 41." CLEYDON, Bashwell (I6704)
19 "Died an Infant." GRUBB, Mary (I22371)
20 "Died Young" GRUBB, Letitia (I22350)
21 "In a Melbourne Hospital after undergoing a serious operation." COMBER, Thomas Geoffrey (I11106)
22 "in the 63rd year of his age" TARBUTT, William Brackstone (I22958)
23 "of 71 Chambercombe Road, Ilfracombe, Devon, England" CRANE, Constance Elizabeth (I21741)
24 "on his way to Charing Cross hospital." ROYDS, Sir Charles William Rawson (I14401)
25 " George Durant Kersley physician and Robert Henry Kersley solicitor. Effects £7981 17s 5d." DURANT, Edith (I19327)
26 " Edith Kersley widow and Frederick Ernest Shum solicitor. Effects £51148 5s 2d. Resworn £50103 7s 1d" KERSLEY, Henry George (I19415)
27 "Scribes Alcove" Parish Baptism Index PURNELL, Esau (I2572)
28 "Scribes Alcove" Parish Baptism Index PURNELL, William (I3854)
29 "Scribes Alcove" Parish Baptism Index PURNELL, Robert (I3855)
30 "Scribes Alcove" Parish Burial Index GABB, Thomas (I2568)
31 "Scribes Alcove" Parish Burial Index PURNELL, Stephen (I2574)
32 "Scribes Alcove" Parish Burial Index PURNELL, Stephen (I2574)
33 "Scribes Alcove" Parish Burial Index GAZARD, Benjamin (I2577)
34 "Scribes Alcove" Parish Burial Index GABB, Harriet (I5025)
35 "The body of Augusta, Viscountess Maidstone, who died at her home in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, on Wednesday, age 83, was cremated at Perry Barr, Birmingham, to-day. It had been brought by road from Cheltenham after a funeral service.
The ashes were taken to St David's Cathedral, Pembrokeshire, where they will be placed in a tomb constructed to the ideas and designs of the Viscountess." 
JENKINSON, Louisa Augusta (I14836)
36 "The Gentlemans Magazine 1834" RICE, Susanna (I137)
37 (another son was named John in 1847) CORDEROY, John (I4413)
38 (Ashes) HARRISON, Sybil Constantia (I15886)
39 (Baptism Register) PRIOR, Gerald Oswald Herbert (I12530)
40 (Deceased at Daughter's Marriage) BEAZLEY, William Thomas (I7336)
41 (From 1851 Census) Martha (I1146)
42 (from Allan Tompkins research) GRUBB, William (I9735)
43 (From I.G.I.) COLSELL, William (I7033)
44 (no record in the Register) WALDER, Mary (I9001)
45 (or Lisburn, County Down). CROFTON, James (I22085)
46 (See notes.) GRIMALDI, Stacey Beaufort (I21872)
47 (surname from 1851 Census) ANDREWS, Jane (I5614)
48 (The residence of her son Robert) HOBBES, Mary Ward (I4976)
49 (this is a guess from age of son.) MORGAN, William (I2499)
50 (Twin with Harriett) FAULCONER, Mary (I7905)

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