Manchester, Lancashire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BARRATT, Ellen  Abt 1835Manchester, Lancashire, England I19136
2 BARRATT, Frank  Abt 1849Manchester, Lancashire, England I19135
3 BARRATT, James Reynal  Abt 1839Manchester, Lancashire, England I19132
4 BARRATT, John  Abt 1805Manchester, Lancashire, England I19130
5 BARRATT, John R  Abt 1836Manchester, Lancashire, England I19137
6 BARRATT, Ruth  Abt 1847Manchester, Lancashire, England I19134
7 BARRATT, Samuel  Abt 1844Manchester, Lancashire, England I19133
8 BOTTONE, Ada Faustina  1874Manchester, Lancashire, England I19737
9 BOTTONE, Sylvia  1877Manchester, Lancashire, England I19738
10 BRAITHWAITE, Ann  1812Manchester, Lancashire, England I18556
11 COTTERILL, Charlotte  Abt 1853Manchester, Lancashire, England I22471
12 COTTERILL, William  Abt 1850Manchester, Lancashire, England I22470
13 DENNIS, Arthur James Herbert  1870Manchester, Lancashire, England I19889
14 DUBS, Jessie Marie  1858Manchester, Lancashire, England I3426
15 ELLIS, Edith  Abt 1899Manchester, Lancashire, England I21796
16 ELLIS, Harry  Abt 1869Manchester, Lancashire, England I21794
17 FORSHAW, Eliza  Abt 1852Manchester, Lancashire, England I19787
18 GERMON, Beatrice  1864Manchester, Lancashire, England I22295
19 GERMON, Constance  1869Manchester, Lancashire, England I22296
20 GERMON, Edith  1857Manchester, Lancashire, England I22294
21 GERMON, Richard Medland Banfill  1860Manchester, Lancashire, England I22298
22 GIBSON, Edith  Abt 1869Manchester, Lancashire, England I13216
23 HARDCASTLE, Alfred  1857Manchester, Lancashire, England I25100
24 HARDCASTLE, Evelyn Lucy  1855Manchester, Lancashire, England I25094
25 HARDCASTLE, Mary Augusta  1860Manchester, Lancashire, England I25101
26 HARDCASTLE, Priscilla Beatrice  1865Manchester, Lancashire, England I25096
27 IDDLES, Eliza  1879Manchester, Lancashire, England I11510
28 IDDLES, Ernest  24 Jul 1910Manchester, Lancashire, England I5836
29 IDDLES, Florence  Abt 1901Manchester, Lancashire, England I1940
30 IDDLES, Florence May  1910Manchester, Lancashire, England I7421
31 IDDLES, Frank  Abt 1876Manchester, Lancashire, England I2235
32 IDDLES, James  1877Manchester, Lancashire, England I6396
33 IDDLES, James  Abt 1908Manchester, Lancashire, England I7424
34 IDDLES, Louisa  1879Manchester, Lancashire, England I11511
35 IDDLES, William  1888Manchester, Lancashire, England I6397
36 KIRTLEY, John Henry  Abt 1815Manchester, Lancashire, England I15564
37 LAW, Edith Elizabeth  Abt 1840Manchester, Lancashire, England I17978
38 MCLAREN, Kenneth  Abt 1861Manchester, Lancashire, England I7790
39 NELSON, Herbert  Abt 1876Manchester, Lancashire, England I23008
40 PARTINGTON, Charles Edward  1826Manchester, Lancashire, England I19103
41 PARTINGTON, Emma  Abt 1840Manchester, Lancashire, England I19145
42 PARTINGTON, Frederick  Abt 1828Manchester, Lancashire, England I19142
43 PARTINGTON, George  Abt 1834Manchester, Lancashire, England I19144
44 PARTINGTON, James Edge  Abt 1793Manchester, Lancashire, England I19102
45 PARTINGTON, Mary  Abt 1829Manchester, Lancashire, England I19143
46 PARTINGTON, Sarah  Abt 1792Manchester, Lancashire, England I19127
47 PARTINGTON, William Henry  Abt 1825Manchester, Lancashire, England I19101
48 RADFORTH, Georgina  1897Manchester, Lancashire, England I9858
49 RADFORTH, Lily May  1893Manchester, Lancashire, England I9859
50 RADFORTH, Mary Eliza  1892Manchester, Lancashire, England I9856

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DICKENS, Alfred Lamert  1860Manchester, Lancashire, England I16560
2 IDDLES, Eliza  1882Manchester, Lancashire, England I11510
3 IDDLES, Louisa  1882Manchester, Lancashire, England I11511
4 IDDLES, William  1949Manchester, Lancashire, England I6397
5 RILEY, Florence  1949Manchester, Lancashire, England I7422
6 SOSZKO, Ryszard  22 Dec 2006Manchester, Lancashire, England I4508

Admitted to Hospital

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Admitted to Hospital    Person ID 
1 WINSTONE, Charles Rogers  23 Oct 1917Manchester, Lancashire, England I12720


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 DENNIS, Arthur James Herbert  30 Aug 1870Manchester, Lancashire, England I19889
2 PARTINGTON, Charles Edward  11 May 1826Manchester, Lancashire, England I19103
3 PARTINGTON, James Edge  01 Jan 1794Manchester, Lancashire, England I19102
4 PARTINGTON, James Edge  14 Jun 1822Manchester, Lancashire, England I19126


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 HAMDY, Sherifa Emina  08 Aug 1991Manchester, Lancashire, England I19380
2 KERSLEY, Jack Anthony  15 Apr 1986Manchester, Lancashire, England I19416


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 PARTINGTON / ROBINSON  26 Mar 1821Manchester, Lancashire, England F5716