Brighton, Sussex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Eliza  Abt 1851Brighton, Sussex, England I23158
2 Mary  Abt 1849Brighton, Sussex, England I5550
3 ARMSTEAD, John  Abt 1808Brighton, Sussex, England I599
4 BAINES, Alexander Frederick Cecil Talbot  1879Brighton, Sussex, England I21288
5 BAKER, Hannah  9 Mar 1818Brighton, Sussex, England I23184
6 BAKER, Maria  5 Aug 1815Brighton, Sussex, England I23169
7 BAKER, Mary Ann  4 Sep 1820Brighton, Sussex, England I23186
8 BAKER, Susanna  15 Sep 1813Brighton, Sussex, England I23187
9 BEAL, Florence Maude  1878Brighton, Sussex, England I9755
10 BETTS, Albert  1899Brighton, Sussex, England I23192
11 BETTS, Alfred  Abt 1868Brighton, Sussex, England I23189
12 BETTS, Alfred T  Abt 1913Brighton, Sussex, England I23196
13 BETTS, Alice Elsie E  1894Brighton, Sussex, England I23190
14 BETTS, Charles Alfred  1897Brighton, Sussex, England I23191
15 BETTS, Edith May  1902Brighton, Sussex, England I23193
16 BETTS, Mary Ann  1908Brighton, Sussex, England I23195
17 BETTS, Walter Alfred  1903Brighton, Sussex, England I23194
18 BOXALL, Alfred  1828Brighton, Sussex, England I8950
19 BOXALL, Charles  1824Brighton, Sussex, England I9667
20 BOXALL, Charlotte  1823Brighton, Sussex, England I6020
21 BOXALL, Edwin  1826Brighton, Sussex, England I6023
22 BOXALL, Frederick  19 Oct 1820Brighton, Sussex, England I7651
23 BOXALL, Lucy Ann  19 Apr 1819Brighton, Sussex, England I8951
24 BOXALL, William Percival  16 May 1814Brighton, Sussex, England I6019
25 BOXALL, William Percival Gratwicke  1848Brighton, Sussex, England I11806
26 BRIGHT, Sydney Mellor  Abt 1861Brighton, Sussex, England I23794
27 BUDGEN, Edith  1887Brighton, Sussex, England I15
28 CALTHORPE, Frances Blanche Anne Gough  Abt 1829Brighton, Sussex, England I12620
29 COWPER, Maria  Abt 1849Brighton, Sussex, England I11809
30 DAVEY, George Henry  1884Brighton, Sussex, England I23144
31 DAVEY, Louisa L  Abt 1909Brighton, Sussex, England I23146
32 DAVEY, Robert C  1916Brighton, Sussex, England I23143
33 DENCH, Charles  Abt 1867Brighton, Sussex, England I9020
34 EDEN, Gertrude Emily  1885Brighton, Sussex, England I17761
35 ERSKINE, David  1816Brighton, Sussex, England I14628
36 FAULCONER, Edward  18 Oct 1845Brighton, Sussex, England I5999
37 FEILDEN, Oswald Barton  30 May 1832Brighton, Sussex, England I12570
38 FIELD, Ann  19 Oct 1816Brighton, Sussex, England I23173
39 FIELD, Augusta  14 Jan 1815Brighton, Sussex, England I23174
40 FIELD, Elizabeth  Abt 1843Brighton, Sussex, England I23177
41 FIELD, Ellen  Abt 1845Brighton, Sussex, England I23162
42 FIELD, George  25 Jul 1811Brighton, Sussex, England I23175
43 FIELD, Joseph  1850Brighton, Sussex, England I23179
44 FIELD, Joseph Camplin  29 Nov 1818Brighton, Sussex, England I23168
45 FIELD, Maria  Abt 1840Brighton, Sussex, England I23170
46 FIELD, Selina  1847Brighton, Sussex, England I23178
47 FIELD, William  7 Aug 1812Brighton, Sussex, England I23176
48 FINN, Martha  1791Brighton, Sussex, England I23172
49 FOWLER, Caroline  21 Jun 1863Brighton, Sussex, England I14780
50 FULLER, Alfred  Abt 1868Brighton, Sussex, England I1942

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 FINN, Martha  25 Aug 1791Brighton, Sussex, England I23172
2 ROBINSON, Hercule George Robert 1st Baron Rosmead, GCMG.  17 Jan 1825Brighton, Sussex, England I23302
3 STAPLETON, Harriet Susannah  1 Oct 1848Brighton, Sussex, England I23148


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Eliza  1863Brighton, Sussex, England I23153
2 BALLEY, Britton  1872Brighton, Sussex, England I8948
3 BARCLAY, Elizabeth  4 Dec 1827Brighton, Sussex, England I23861
4 BLAKER, Cecil Renshaw  01 Feb 1914Brighton, Sussex, England I15146
5 BOXALL, William Percival  1898Brighton, Sussex, England I6019
6 BUDGEN, Elizabeth May  1903Brighton, Sussex, England I10
7 BUDGEN, Frederick David  Abt 1975Brighton, Sussex, England I1153
8 DAKYNS, John Horsley  15 Apr 1878Brighton, Sussex, England I14328
9 DAVEY, George Henry  Abt 1957Brighton, Sussex, England I23144
10 EDEN, Gertrude Emily  1892Brighton, Sussex, England I17761
11 ERSKINE, David Montagu  19 Mar 1855Brighton, Sussex, England I14619
12 FAULCONER, Betsy Esther  14 Jun 1911Brighton, Sussex, England I6022
13 FIELD, Augusta  1887Brighton, Sussex, England I23174
14 FIELD, Selina  Abt 1853Brighton, Sussex, England I23178
15 GOLDSMID, Julian Baronet  07 Jan 1896Brighton, Sussex, England I16712
16 HARLAND, Maria Jane  1923Brighton, Sussex, England I23136
17 HOLROYD, Alice Elizabeth  1873Brighton, Sussex, England I1049
18 KENNEDY, Edward Russell  1870Brighton, Sussex, England I25968
19 LANE, Jane  1895Brighton, Sussex, England I12162
20 LATTER, Frederick W  1953Brighton, Sussex, England I23198
21 MIGHELL, Mary  Nov 1868Brighton, Sussex, England I7130
22 RIADORE, James Evans  25 Jan 1904Brighton, Sussex, England I18013
23 RICE, Alice Ann  1829Brighton, Sussex, England I8093
24 RICE, David  30 Sep 1997Brighton, Sussex, England I8591
25 SPENCER, Francis Almeric  10 Mar 1845Brighton, Sussex, England I4741
26 STAPLETON, Robert Frederick  1862Brighton, Sussex, England I23157
27 TALBOT, John Chetwynd  26 May 1852Brighton, Sussex, England I21045
28 TRAVIS, Ann Bond  1851Brighton, Sussex, England I14625
29 TROTMAN, Fiennes Samuel  31 Jan 1863Brighton, Sussex, England I24533
30 WELLER, Flora L  1929Brighton, Sussex, England I23141
31 WELLER, Frederick Thomas  1977Brighton, Sussex, England I23139
32 WELLER, Ida Irene  1993Brighton, Sussex, England I23142
33 WISDEN, Ann Emma  01 Jun 1864Brighton, Sussex, England I7100


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BARCLAY, Elizabeth  11 Dec 1827Brighton, Sussex, England I23861
2 CRAWSHAY, Charlotte  13 Jun 1839Brighton, Sussex, England I20119
3 RICE, Alice Ann  07 Jul 1829Brighton, Sussex, England I8093


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 SERGISON, Emily  10 Aug 1831Brighton, Sussex, England I20375

Joined the Royal Engineers

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Joined the Royal Engineers    Person ID 
1 BUDGEN, Edwin  17 Jan 1901Brighton, Sussex, England I5471

Passed Army Medical

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Passed Army Medical    Person ID 
1 BUDGEN, Edwin  17 Jan 1901Brighton, Sussex, England I5471


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BALLEY / HOLROYD  1869Brighton, Sussex, England F2234
2 Betts / Weller  Abt 1893Brighton, Sussex, England F7144
3 Buckle / Trotman  1862Brighton, Sussex, England F7585
4 Cross / Weller  1928Brighton, Sussex, England F7157
5 Davey / Hazelgrove  1908Brighton, Sussex, England F7136
6 Davey / Weller  1936Brighton, Sussex, England F7135
7 ERSKINE / TRAVIS  29 Jul 1843Brighton, Sussex, England F4267
8 FAULCONER / HODSON  15 Sep 1841Brighton, Sussex, England F1779
9 Field / Baker  11 Nov 1838Brighton, Sussex, England F7143
10 Field / FINN  5 Nov 1810Brighton, Sussex, England F7145
11 Harland / Field  1873Brighton, Sussex, England F7141
12 Hilhouse / Barclay  30 Jul 1827Brighton, Sussex, England F7397
13 Innes / BOND   F8012
14 Reynolds / Betts   F7148
15 RIDGEWAY / NEWALL  1875Brighton, Sussex, England F4421
16 TRUSELER / Russell  14 Jul 1830Brighton, Sussex, England F1537
17 TRUSELER / WOOD  20 Nov 1825Brighton, Sussex, England F7985
18 Weller / Harland  1895Brighton, Sussex, England F7134
19 Weller / Stapleton  1868Brighton, Sussex, England F7137
20 Wickham / Trotman  1861Brighton, Sussex, England F7596