Berkshire, England



Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Rose  1859Berkshire, England I24133
2 ALDWORTH, Thomas  Abt 1843Berkshire, England I20329
3 ASTON, David M  1912Berkshire, England I20998
4 D'ERLANGER, Mary Caroline   I16317
5 DE SALIS, Rachel G  Abt 1935Berkshire, England I9965
6 KITE, John  1819Berkshire, England I24144
7 SIBLEY, Iris M  28 Dec 1914Berkshire, England I11914
8 STORER, Margaret  1817Berkshire, England I26575
9 WADDINGTON, Frances  1791Berkshire, England I2894


Matches 1 to 25 of 25

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BATTERSBY-HARFORD, Constance Amelia  13 Aug 1914Berkshire, England I1811
2 BODDINGTON, Agatha  1963Berkshire, England I11458
3 BROWN, Mary Anne  1926Berkshire, England I8368
4 BROWN, Richard James  1945Berkshire, England I12410
5 BUTLER, James Arthur Norman 6th Marquess Ormonde  1971Berkshire, England I12971
6 CLARKE, Jessie Carlos  03 Dec 1969Berkshire, England I12974
7 COMLEY, Archibald Clifford Lewis  1957Berkshire, England I18692
8 CROXTON, Jesse  1998Berkshire, England I11912
9 DAVIS, Caroline Matilda  1895Berkshire, England I14843
10 DE SALIS, Edmund William  1980Berkshire, England I2908
11 DEALEY, Wilfred  1990Berkshire, England I9452
12 EDEN, Eder  1919Berkshire, England I2899
13 FORTESCUE, Maria Margaretta  1906Berkshire, England I16500
14 JACKSON, Francis George  06 Aug 1886Berkshire, England I16501
15 JANES, Elsie Violet  1973Berkshire, England I10098
16 JANES, Harold Amos  Abt 1969Berkshire, England I10099
17 KENT, Lucy Gillman  1887Berkshire, England I9877
18 LYSTER, William George  Abt 1912Berkshire, England I14839
19 PEDLAR, Olive May  1975Berkshire, England I18735
20 ROLFE, Phoebe Maria  1950Berkshire, England I7271
21 ROLFE, William  1887Berkshire, England I6360
22 VIVASH, Sylvanus Sabana  1842Berkshire, England I22206
23 WALLOP, Gerard Vernon 9th Earl Portsmouth  28 Sep 1984Berkshire, England I15279
24 WIGGINS, Edwin  1858Berkshire, England I5260
25 WILLINK, Henry George  1938Berkshire, England I5386


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 / Doudney  1897Berkshire, England F6035
2 BROWN / ROLFE  1895Berkshire, England F3512
3 BUDGEN / WINTER  1895Berkshire, England F2109
4 CASWELL / ROLFE  1907Berkshire, England F5956
6 CROXTON / SIBLEY  1937Berkshire, England F3363
7 EDEN / GABB  1893Berkshire, England F748
8 EDEN / WIGGINS  11 Oct 1845Berkshire, England F747
9 JANES / GOSS  1884Berkshire, England F2505
10 JONES / COLLIER  1860Berkshire, England F6726
11 QUARTERMAN / SHARP  1886Berkshire, England F5435
12 TOLLEMACHE / Smiley  1931Berkshire, England F3417
13 WARREN / CRAWSHAY  Abt 1905Berkshire, England F6340