Todber, Dorset, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ABBOTT, Albert John  1855Todber, Dorset, England I3614
2 ABBOTT, Annie Maria  Abt 1874Todber, Dorset, England I13482
3 ABBOTT, Ellen  May 1849Todber, Dorset, England I3616
4 ABBOTT, James  Abt 1830Todber, Dorset, England I3613
5 ABBOTT, John  Abt 1858Todber, Dorset, England I4028
6 ABBOTT, Martha  1860Todber, Dorset, England I3620
7 ABBOTT, Mary  1850Todber, Dorset, England I3621
8 ABBOTT, Tom  24 Aug 1865Todber, Dorset, England I4027
9 ABBOTT, William Coombs  20 Jan 1867Todber, Dorset, England I2285
10 ABBOTT, Worthy  1870Todber, Dorset, England I2292
11 LODDER, Ann  05 Nov 1832Todber, Dorset, England I235
12 LODDER, Bertha  1866Todber, Dorset, England I241
13 LODDER, Charles  14 Jul 1831Todber, Dorset, England I236
14 LODDER, Ernest  1859Todber, Dorset, England I244
15 LODDER, Frank  1864Todber, Dorset, England I242
16 LODDER, James  1824Todber, Dorset, England I9784
17 LODDER, James  26 Mar 1869Todber, Dorset, England I240
18 LODDER, Laura Jane  1855Todber, Dorset, England I239
19 LODDER, Owen  1860Todber, Dorset, England I243
20 LODDER, Rupert William  Abt 1863Todber, Dorset, England I9288
21 LODDER, Samuel Williams  1852Todber, Dorset, England I16293


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ABBOTT, James  04 Apr 1901Todber, Dorset, England I3613
2 GULLIFORD, Emily  23 Jun 1902Todber, Dorset, England I9785
3 HAYTER, Jane  1848Todber, Dorset, England I1975
4 HUNT, Sarah  1860Todber, Dorset, England I3612
5 LODDER, James  1858Todber, Dorset, England I238
6 LODDER, James  05 Dec 1868Todber, Dorset, England I9784
7 LODDER, William  1862Todber, Dorset, England I237


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ABBOTT, Albert John  1871Todber, Dorset, England I3614
2 ABBOTT, Annie Maria  1881Todber, Dorset, England I13482
3 ABBOTT, Ellen  1851Todber, Dorset, England I3616
4 ABBOTT, James  1851Todber, Dorset, England I3613
5 ABBOTT, James  1871Todber, Dorset, England I3613
6 ABBOTT, James  1881Todber, Dorset, England I3613
7 ABBOTT, John  1871Todber, Dorset, England I4028
8 ABBOTT, Mary  1851Todber, Dorset, England I3621
9 ABBOTT, Tom  1871Todber, Dorset, England I4027
10 ABBOTT, Tom  1881Todber, Dorset, England I4027
11 ABBOTT, William Coombs  1871Todber, Dorset, England I2285
12 ABBOTT, William Coombs  1881Todber, Dorset, England I2285
13 ABBOTT, Worthy  1871Todber, Dorset, England I2292
14 ABBOTT, Worthy  1881Todber, Dorset, England I2292
15 COOMBS, Miriam  1871Todber, Dorset, England I2288
16 COOMBS, Miriam  1881Todber, Dorset, England I2288
17 HAYTER, Jane  1841Todber, Dorset, England I1975
18 HUNT, Sarah  1851Todber, Dorset, England I3612
19 LODDER, Ann  1841Todber, Dorset, England I235
20 LODDER, Charles  1841Todber, Dorset, England I236
21 LODDER, James  1841Todber, Dorset, England I9784
22 LODDER, James  1841Todber, Dorset, England I238
23 LODDER, James  1851Todber, Dorset, England I9784
24 LODDER, James  1851Todber, Dorset, England I238
25 LODDER, James  1861Todber, Dorset, England I9784
26 LODDER, Rupert William  1871Todber, Dorset, England I9288
27 LODDER, Rupert William  1881Todber, Dorset, England I9288
28 LODDER, William  1841Todber, Dorset, England I237
29 LODDER, William  1851Todber, Dorset, England I237


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ABBOTT / Tapper   F6387