Rochester, Kent, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AVELING, Beatrix Mary C  28 Sep 1874Rochester, Kent, England I452
2 AVELING, Ralph Clifford  Abt 1878Rochester, Kent, England I529
3 AYEARS, Albert Ernest  1887Rochester, Kent, England I3067
4 AYEARS, Charles John  1883Rochester, Kent, England I3066
5 AYEARS, Clara Ann  1879Rochester, Kent, England I3068
6 AYEARS, Edith Alice  1889Rochester, Kent, England I4721
7 AYEARS, George William  Abt 1878Rochester, Kent, England I3071
8 AYEARS, Henry Elliot  1881Rochester, Kent, England I3069
9 AYEARS, Robert Arthur  8 Jan 1885Rochester, Kent, England I6371
10 CLEWS, John  Abt 1826Rochester, Kent, England I4722
11 CLEWS, Julia Phoebe  Abt 1856Rochester, Kent, England I6369
12 CLEWS, Patience Ann  Abt 1854Rochester, Kent, England I1931
13 CLEWS, Robert C  Abt 1846Rochester, Kent, England I3073
14 GAINS, Patience Rosette  Abt 1876Rochester, Kent, England I1929
15 GILLMAN, Alfred William  1886Rochester, Kent, England I27282
16 GILLMAN, Frederick Charles  1893Rochester, Kent, England I27281
17 LONGSTER, Edith  1881Rochester, Kent, England I19189
18 PRALL, Ann  1795Rochester, Kent, England I15474
19 PRALL, Charlotte  1809Rochester, Kent, England I15473
20 PRALL, Edward  1805Rochester, Kent, England I15470
21 PRALL, Eliza Harcourt  1806Rochester, Kent, England I15476
22 PRALL, George  1798Rochester, Kent, England I15477
23 PRALL, Henry  1761Rochester, Kent, England I15466
24 PRALL, Henry Edward  1840Rochester, Kent, England I15452
25 PRALL, Henry Lewis  1790Rochester, Kent, England I15478
26 PRALL, John Thomas  1829Rochester, Kent, England I15448
27 PRALL, Mary  Abt 1799Rochester, Kent, England I15468
28 PRALL, Mary Ann  1800Rochester, Kent, England I15447
29 PRALL, Mary Ann Elizabeth  Abt 1839Rochester, Kent, England I15451
30 PRALL, Rachel  Abt 1801Rochester, Kent, England I15472
31 PRALL, Richard  1802Rochester, Kent, England I15445
32 PRALL, Richard  Abt 1833Rochester, Kent, England I15449
33 PRALL, Sarah  1797Rochester, Kent, England I15469
34 PRALL, Thomas  Abt 1794Rochester, Kent, England I15475
35 PRALL, Thomas  1811Rochester, Kent, England I15471
36 PRALL, William  Abt 1794Rochester, Kent, England I15482
37 READ, Stewart Dengate  Abt 1885Rochester, Kent, England I10686
38 TRIBE, Harry Dumas  1851Rochester, Kent, England I19246
39 TRIBE, Henry John  1821Rochester, Kent, England I19233


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Rebecca  1837Rochester, Kent, England I15467
2 GAINS, Frances Hannah  Abt 1890Rochester, Kent, England I10683
3 PRALL, Henry  1831Rochester, Kent, England I15466
4 PRALL, John  1822Rochester, Kent, England I15464


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Ordained    Person ID 
1 BIDWELL, George Shelford  1856Rochester, Kent, England I15134