Hook, Pembrokeshire, Wales



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BROCK, Elizabeth  Abt 1904Hook, Pembrokeshire, Wales I133
2 BROCK, Henry  7 Nov 1869Hook, Pembrokeshire, Wales I586
3 BROCK, James  Abt 1850Hook, Pembrokeshire, Wales I584
4 BROCK, James  Abt 1908Hook, Pembrokeshire, Wales I134
5 BROCK, Jane  1860Hook, Pembrokeshire, Wales I140
6 BROCK, Jane  Abt 1879Hook, Pembrokeshire, Wales I2458
7 BROCK, John  Abt 1858Hook, Pembrokeshire, Wales I139
8 BROCK, John  Abt 1873Hook, Pembrokeshire, Wales I10231
9 BROCK, John  Abt 1892Hook, Pembrokeshire, Wales I587
10 BROCK, Margaret  Abt 1894Hook, Pembrokeshire, Wales I588
11 BROCK, Martha  Abt 1896Hook, Pembrokeshire, Wales I592
12 BROCK, Maud  Abt 1910Hook, Pembrokeshire, Wales I131
13 BROCK, Sarah  Abt 1890Hook, Pembrokeshire, Wales I590
14 BROCK, William  Abt 1852Hook, Pembrokeshire, Wales I136
15 BROCK, William  Abt 1877Hook, Pembrokeshire, Wales I10232
16 BROCK, William  Abt 1898Hook, Pembrokeshire, Wales I593
17 HALFHEAD, David  1823Hook, Pembrokeshire, Wales I2466
18 HALFHEAD, Mary  1822Hook, Pembrokeshire, Wales I135
19 HALFHEAD, William  1829Hook, Pembrokeshire, Wales I2463
20 JOHN, Eliza Ann  Abt 1872Hook, Pembrokeshire, Wales I583