Bristol, Gloucestershire, England



Latitude: 51.4558, Longitude: -2.5954


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  Abt 1794Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I9611
2 Elizabeth  Abt 1847Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I5057
3 Mary Ann  Abt 1845Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I1720
4 ATCHLEY, Allan Sambrooke  1877Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I21009
5 ATCHLEY, Edward Godfrey Cuthbert Frederick  Abt 1869Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I21007
6 ATCHLEY, Harold George Symonds  1872Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I21008
7 ATCHLEY, Hilary Nevil  Abt 1875Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I21006
8 AYNGE, Amy  08 Oct 1909Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I21306
9 AYNGE, Edward James  29 Dec 1904Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I21304
10 AYNGE, Helen  08 Oct 1909Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I21305
11 AYNGE, Nellie Maria  Abt 1884Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I3218
12 BARNES, Alfred John  1895Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I3377
13 BARNES, Daisy Rosina  1893Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I3378
14 BARNES, David  1879Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I30160
15 BARNES, Herbert Sydney  1881Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I4812
16 BOND, Blanche Beatrice  1870Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I8498
17 BOND, Florence Charlotte  Abt 1867Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I8492
18 BOND, Glendower  1875Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I8497
19 BOND, Kate Frances  1868Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I8491
20 BRITTON, Elizabeth Emma  Abt 1848Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I813
21 BROOKS, Alfred Thomas Rowe  Abt 1872Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I13167
22 COLTHURST, Joan  1882Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I18150
23 COOMBS, Charles  Abt 1843Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I700
24 COOPER, Harry  Abt 1856Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I11721
25 COOPER, Horace R  Abt 1914Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I11728
26 COWLEY, Mary  Abt 1880Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I4036
27 CRANE, Horace George  24 Apr 1907Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I16911
28 CURRY, Selina Louisa  9 Jun 1881Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I20918
29 CURTIS, William  Abt 1855Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I10853
30 DIXON, Tom  1892Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I32400
31 FARRANT, Winifred  1894Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I9832
32 FLING, William Sidney  Abt 1908Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I16909
33 GRAVE, Mary Elizabeth  1773Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I15742
34 GWYNN, Eric John Crowther  1898Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I12532
35 GWYNN, Gwyn Ivor  1872Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I12518
36 GWYNN, Richard Attwells  28 Dec 1856Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I12517
37 HALL, Agnes Louisa  1874Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I28617
38 HALL, Albert Edward  1873Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I28616
39 HAM, Florence Louisa  1877Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I2797
40 HARMER, Catherine  Abt 1865Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I2105
41 HART, Benjamin  Abt 1818Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I7621
42 HOUGHTON, Ann  Abt 1850Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I10347
43 HOUGHTON, Edward Walter  27 Dec 1896Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I803
44 HOUGHTON, Freda Evelyn  12 Dec 1909Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I9413
45 HOUGHTON, Gladys Gwendoline  22 Feb 1903Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I806
46 HOUGHTON, Harriett  1863Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I808
47 HOUGHTON, Oliver Thomas  Abt 1889Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I809
48 HOUGHTON, Robert  1860Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I3795
49 HOUGHTON, Sarah Jane  Abt 1859Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I3796
50 HOUGHTON, Stephen  Abt 1869Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I807

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 LOW, Charles Hoskins  15 Jun 1831Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I1882


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ACOCKS, Hannah  1855Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I10344
2 AYNGE, Philip Henry  1882Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I2731
3 BAMBURY, June Ann  1961Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I31551
4 BENNETT, Sarah Jane  1949Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I810
5 BLEATHMAN, Vera Annie M  1983Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I35
6 BODY, Maria  1862Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I5738
7 CHAPPLE, Eliza Jane  1914Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I3220
8 CURRY, Selina Louisa  1965Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I20918
9 FARRANT, Elsie Minnie  1946Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I3202
10 FARRANT, Henry  1902Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I9825
11 FRANCIS, Mabel Selina  1982Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I7779
12 GALE, Sarah  1899Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I10346
13 GWYNN, Humphrey Norman  1974Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I12547
14 HOUGHTON, Edward Walter  1971Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I803
15 HOUGHTON, Freda Evelyn  2003Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I9413
16 HOUGHTON, Gladys Gwendoline  Abt 1977Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I806
17 HOUGHTON, Oliver  1887Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I6207
18 HOUGHTON, Robert  1862Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I3795
19 HOUGHTON, Stephen  1939Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I807
20 PIDGEON, William Ewart J  1973Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I33
21 RILEY, Henry  1881Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I10589
22 STORKEY, Reginald William  1928Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I7667
23 STORKEY, Thomas Peter  1841Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I6744
24 STORKEY, Thomas Stacey  1839Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I6743
25 SULLY, Beatrice Maud E.  1964Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I9415
26 TAYLOR, Ellen  1944Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I824
27 THOMSON, Maria  1858Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I10586
28 TINNEY, Gwendoline Mary Louisa  9 May 2008Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I9631
29 VIZARD, James Lawrence  1966Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I7780
30 VIZARD, John  1924Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I6636
31 WYLLYAMS, Frederick Augustus  1944Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I823
32 WYLLYAMS, Laura Blanche  1891Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I9436


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 STORKEY, Albert Aplin  09 Sep 1855Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I9006
2 STORKEY, Sarah Ann  25 May 1845Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I2072
3 STORKEY, Thomas Stacey  08 Dec 1838Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I6743

Joined the Gloucester Regiment

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Joined the Gloucester Regiment    Person ID 
1 IDDLES, Stewart McKensie  31 May 1897Bristol, Gloucestershire, England I2801


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BOND / LITTLE  1863Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F2323
3 FLING / SHATTOCK  1907Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F5004
4 Harbour / Gordon  1 May 1826Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F5112
5 HOUGHTON / ACOCKS  1845Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F1567
8 NECK / COLES  1859Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F2614
9 SCRIVENS / BAKER  1872Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F3910
10 STORKEY /   12 Feb 1835Bristol, Gloucestershire, England F1902
11 VIZARD / CARTER   F1951