Birmingham, Warwickshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  Abt 1787Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I16568
2 Margaret  Abt 1858Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I11338
3 Sarah  Abt 1831Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I17735
4 ANSWORTH, Margaret Ann  Abt 1855Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I15032
5 ASHDOWN, George  Abt 1824Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I16886
6 ASTON, Annie  1843Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I13277
7 ASTON, Charles Reginald  1832Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I13278
8 ASTON, Edward Albert Henry  1845Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I6378
9 ASTON, Emily J  Abt 1835Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1773
10 ASTON, George Leslie  1839Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I13275
11 ASTON, Jane Florence  1840Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I13274
12 ASTON, John  1826Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I13276
13 ASTON, Lilias Harriette  1837Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I11774
14 ASTON, Thomas S  1830Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I11773
15 BOSWELL, Samuel  Abt 1805Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1070
16 BRITTAIN, Frank  1863Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I27214
17 CARTLAND, John  1813Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I25370
18 CLARK, Caroline Emily  6 Sep 1825Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I26778
19 CLARK, James Belcher  15 May 1827Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I27013
20 CLARK, Thomas  1796Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I26943
21 CLENTON, Leslie E  1927Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I3730
22 COX, Walter Donald  18 Mar 1908Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I28548
23 COX, Walter Harold  4 Nov 1885Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I28547
24 DAVIS, John  1867Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I24305
25 DAVIS, Maria  1874Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I24307
26 DELAHAYE, Harriet  1861Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I4751
27 DEVERELL, Amy Georgina  Abt 1879Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I14381
28 EDMUNDS, Hannah Jane  1866Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I25568
29 FEENEY, Maurice Rex  1 Oct 1936Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I30791
30 GIBBONS, Ada  Abt 1871Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2533
31 GIBBONS, Amy  Abt 1878Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2540
32 GIBBONS, Arthur Percy  Abt 1885Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2539
33 GIBBONS, Eliza  Abt 1858Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1073
34 GIBBONS, Emily  1861Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2538
35 GIBBONS, Fanny  Abt 1865Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2537
36 GIBBONS, Jenny  Abt 1862Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2536
37 GIBBONS, Rosina  1859Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1072
38 GIBBONS, Samuel  Abt 1870Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2534
39 GIBBONS, Thomas  Abt 1872Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1074
40 GIBBONS, William  Abt 1836Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2541
41 GIBBONS, William  Abt 1863Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I2535
42 HARRIET  Abt 1814Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I3834
43 HASTINGS, Alfred Charles  1857Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I3832
44 HASTINGS, George Henry  Abt 1852Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I3831
45 HASTINGS, John Philip  1845Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I3830
46 HASTINGS, Lucy Flora  Abt 1840Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I647
47 HASTINGS, Mary Ann  Abt 1843Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I3833
48 HILL, Albert  5 Apr 1821Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I26767
49 HILL, Alfred  1822Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I26720
50 HILL, Frederic  29 Jun 1803Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I26716

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Margaret  Abt 1931Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I11338
2 BEDNEY, Albert George  2000Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I11420
3 CLARK, James Belcher  1832Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I27013
4 CLENTON, Ernest Back  10 Nov 1979Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I4758
5 CLENTON, Leslie E  1928Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I3730
6 HASTINGS, Lucy Flora  14 Oct 1897Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I647
7 HILL, William Howard  1830Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I26717
8 HOCKTON, Sarah Ann  1935Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I574
9 HUDSON, Harvey Albert  1888Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I28306
10 KIRTLAND, Dorothy May  1982Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I11432
11 KIRTLAND, Frank Gilbert  1956Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I11411
12 KIRTLAND, Thomas Raymond  1910Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I11418
13 KNIGHT, Zada Sarah L.  1967Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I4518
14 MYATT, Florence  1981Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I5681
15 PEEL, John Henry  1836Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I12925
16 POULSON, George  1872Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1547
17 RADMORE, Dora Althea  1949Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I28512
18 REVILL, Basil George  1892Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I3011
19 SIMPKINS, David John Lester  2 Feb 2000Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I8898
20 TOMLINE, George Barton  1942Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I573
21 WALKLEY, Kezia  Abt 1883Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1546
22 WARRILOW, Robert Austin  30 Nov 1892Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I12397
23 WHEELWRIGHT, Ann  12 Nov 1872Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I3567
24 WHEELWRIGHT, Beatrice  10 Mar 1964Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I9495
25 WHEELWRIGHT, Emma  06 Sep 1872Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I3566
26 WHEELWRIGHT, Emma  1895Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1584
27 WHEELWRIGHT, George  1891Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I1581
28 WHEELWRIGHT, George Thomas  1963Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I9484
29 WHEELWRIGHT, Jane  03 Jul 1872Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I3565
30 WHEELWRIGHT, John  1947Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I649
31 WHEELWRIGHT, Kate  1876Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I3564


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Enlisted    Person ID 
1 RADMORE, William James Kensington R.M.  2 Aug 1901Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I28511

Fact 5

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Fact 5    Person ID 
1 NICHOLLS, George K.C.B.  Between 1827 and 1834Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I7465

Joined the 82nd. Regiment of Foot

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Joined the 82nd. Regiment of Foot    Person ID 
1 GREENHOUSE, Thomas  25 Nov 1847Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I5168


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 RICE, Elizabeth  10 Oct 1896Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I8076
2 RICE, Susan  19 Sep 1912Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I3572

Will Proved

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will Proved    Person ID 
1 RICE, Bernard  30 Jun 1879Birmingham, Warwickshire, England I6754


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
2 BELLAMY / WHEELWRIGHT  Abt 1893Birmingham, Warwickshire, England F731
3 BIRCH / KIRTLAND  1929Birmingham, Warwickshire, England F3205
4 COX / RADMORE  1906Birmingham, Warwickshire, England F9032
7 HOUGHTON / Holyoak  24 Oct 1818Birmingham, Warwickshire, England F1824
8 JAMES / BATTEN   F8344
9 RALSTON / OWEN   F8039