Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ann  1848Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I24918
2 Mary Martha  9 Jan 1873Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I25478
3 ALLEN, William G  Abt 1878Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I24670
4 BULL, Elizabeth Ann  1870Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I26143
5 BULL, Elvira Pearl  22 Jan 1903Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I26792
6 BULL, Emma Carter  1874Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I3295
7 BULL, Lily Alice  1910Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I628
8 BULL, Rosanna  1875Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I26381
9 BULL, William George  1908Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I27690
10 BURCHELL, Ewart  6 Dec 1887Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I10773
11 BURCHELL, Henry  Abt 1825Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I10778
12 BURCHELL, Maud  Abt 1898Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I22433
13 BURCHELL, Samuel Morrell  1890Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I10761
14 BURCHELL, William  Abt 1827Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I10795
15 BURCHELL, William George  12 May 1885Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I10796
16 CASWELL, William  1879Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I1247
17 DAVIES, Emma  Abt 1868Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I10152
18 EDMUNDS, Maria  3 Mar 1883Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I26163
19 HEALY, Annie Jane  Abt 1897Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I10871
20 HEALY, Benjamin  Abt 1882Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I10872
21 HEALY, Charles Morgan  Abt 1892Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I10873
22 HEALY, David James  Abt 1891Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I10874
23 HEALY, Gertrude  Abt 1894Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I10876
24 HEALY, Herbert  Abt 1885Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I10878
25 HEALY, Hubert  Abt 1895Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I10879
26 HEALY, Walter Lewis  Abt 1889Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I10882
27 JONES, Elizabeth  Abt 1881Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I10890
28 LANGFORD, Laura  Abt 1886Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I10913
29 LANGFORD, Minnie May  1889Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I10918
30 MORGAN, Annie  24 Jun 1880Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I28373
31 MORGAN, Benjamin  1844Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I22942
32 MORRELL, Cyril  1900Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I10931
33 MORRELL, Elsie  1898Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I10933
34 MORRELL, George Henry  Abt 1863Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I10935
35 MORRELL, Hellia  1902Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I10936
36 MORRELL, John  Abt 1857Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I10938
37 MORRELL, Richard Charles  Abt 1859Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I10941
38 MORRELL, Richard Charles  1896Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I10942
39 MORRELL, Susannah Jane  Abt 1862Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I10943
40 MORRELL, Walter George  1894Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I10945
41 MORRELL, William  Abt 1855Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I10946
42 ROGERS, Herbert Morgan  Abt 1894Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I2430
43 ROGERS, Mary  14 Feb 1890Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I2786
44 ROGERS, Thomas Brynley  18 Aug 1892Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I2429
45 THATCHER, Henry Alfred  1870Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I1248
46 THATCHER, Irene  1893Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I1522
47 THOMAS, Isaac  Abt 1870Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I11947
48 THOMAS, John  Abt 1863Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I4789
49 THOMAS, Rachel  Abt 1873Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I4790
50 THOMAS, William  Abt 1866Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I11946

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 SMETHURST, John  1927Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I4822


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ANDREWS, Elizabeth Emma  23 Jan 1911Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I2398
2 WESTON, Albert Edward  18 Jan 1917Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I5536
3 WESTON, George Gideon  13 Dec 1975Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I5540

Occupation on his Marriage

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation on his Marriage    Person ID 
1 BURCHELL, William Henry  21 Sep 1891Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I10797

Occupation on Son's Marriage Certificate

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation on Son's Marriage Certificate    Person ID 
1 BURCHELL, William  21 Sep 1891Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales I10795


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 WILLIAMS / LANGFORD  01 Feb 1916Beaufort, Breconshire, Wales F3053