Redberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ELIZABETH  1850Redberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales I1475
2 MORRIS, Elizabeth  Abt 1873Redberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales I14898
3 ROGERS, Eliza  1850Redberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales I1712
4 ROGERS, Eliza  27 Sep 1883Redberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales I3517
5 ROGERS, Elizabeth  Abt 1850Redberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales I5977
6 ROGERS, George  1853Redberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales I3976
7 ROGERS, George   I28602
8 ROGERS, James  26 Sep 1885Redberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales I3519
9 ROGERS, John  1847Redberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales I5976
10 ROGERS, John  1860Redberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales I3971
11 ROGERS, William  1859Redberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales I3514


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ROGERS, David  Mar 1891Redberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales I1711
2 ROGERS, George  Dec 1855Redberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales I3976
3 ROGERS, John  Dec 1855Redberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales I5976
4 THOMAS, Martha  1896Redberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales I7022


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ROGERS, Benjamin  1851Redberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales I1710
2 ROGERS, Benjamin  1861Redberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales I1710
3 ROGERS, David  1851Redberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales I1711
4 ROGERS, David  1861Redberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales I1711
5 ROGERS, David  1871Redberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales I1711
6 ROGERS, David  1881Redberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales I1711
7 ROGERS, Eliza  1861Redberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales I1712
8 ROGERS, Eliza  1891Redberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales I3517
9 ROGERS, Elizabeth  1851Redberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales I5977
10 ROGERS, George  1871Redberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales I3976
11 ROGERS, George   I28602
12 ROGERS, John  1851Redberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales I5976
13 ROGERS, John  1861Redberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales I3971
14 ROGERS, John  1871Redberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales I3971
15 ROGERS, William  1861Redberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales I3514
16 ROGERS, William  1871Redberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales I3514
17 ROGERS, William  1881Redberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales I3514
18 THOMAS, Martha  1851Redberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales I7022
19 THOMAS, Martha  1861Redberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales I7022
20 THOMAS, Martha  1871Redberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales I7022
21 THOMAS, Martha  1881Redberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales I7022


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ROGERS /   Abt 1881Redberth, Pembrokeshire, Wales F881