Backwell, Somerset, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  Abt 1817Backwell, Somerset, England I1102
2 CLEARE, James  1787Backwell, Somerset, England I8634
3 CLEARE, Sarah  Abt 1775Backwell, Somerset, England I8631
4 GAMLEN, Emily Susan  1877Backwell, Somerset, England I27848
5 HAYDEN, Eliza  1855Backwell, Somerset, England I9213
6 HAYDEN, Luke John  1863Backwell, Somerset, England I1103
7 HAYDEN, Mary Ann  Abt 1860Backwell, Somerset, England I1105
8 HAYDEN, Matthew Mark  1853Backwell, Somerset, England I1104
9 JENKINS, Dinah  1748/49Backwell, Somerset, England I8629
10 JENKINS, Jemima  1746Backwell, Somerset, England I8119
11 LOCK, Louisa  Abt 1839Backwell, Somerset, England I10445
12 ROGERS, Adelaide Louisa  Abt 1859Backwell, Somerset, England I10450
13 ROGERS, Ann  1777Backwell, Somerset, England I8626
14 ROGERS, Ann  15 Nov 1806Backwell, Somerset, England I8118
15 ROGERS, Betty  1770Backwell, Somerset, England I8628
16 ROGERS, Betty  1775Backwell, Somerset, England I8124
17 ROGERS, Ellen  1880Backwell, Somerset, England I9211
18 ROGERS, Francis  1851Backwell, Somerset, England I9995
19 ROGERS, Francis Sidney  1880Backwell, Somerset, England I9212
20 ROGERS, George  1847Backwell, Somerset, England I9993
21 ROGERS, Hannah  1856Backwell, Somerset, England I9207
22 ROGERS, James  1821Backwell, Somerset, England I9991
23 ROGERS, James  1823Backwell, Somerset, England I9994
24 ROGERS, John  1819Backwell, Somerset, England I9992
25 ROGERS, John Jenkins  1788Backwell, Somerset, England I8121
26 ROGERS, John Jenkins  1854Backwell, Somerset, England I9208
27 ROGERS, Joseph Derham  11 Jan 1809Backwell, Somerset, England I8117
28 ROGERS, Lancelot  1773Backwell, Somerset, England I8123
29 ROGERS, Lancelot  10 Mar 1811Backwell, Somerset, England I10449
30 ROGERS, Lancelot Aaron  1883Backwell, Somerset, England I9214
31 ROGERS, Launcelot  1783Backwell, Somerset, England I8116
32 ROGERS, Martha  1816Backwell, Somerset, England I9989
33 ROGERS, Mary  1781Backwell, Somerset, England I8625
34 ROGERS, Mary  1813Backwell, Somerset, England I8633
35 ROGERS, Mary Ann  1849Backwell, Somerset, England I9996
36 ROGERS, Mary Ann  Dec 1860Backwell, Somerset, England I9233
37 ROGERS, Mary Ann  Abt 1873Backwell, Somerset, England I9209
38 ROGERS, Thomas  1785Backwell, Somerset, England I8122
39 ROGERS, Thomas  31 Jul 1805Backwell, Somerset, England I9990


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 JENKINS, Jemima  Jun 1819Backwell, Somerset, England I8119
2 ROGERS, Betty  Jun 1775Backwell, Somerset, England I8628
3 ROGERS, James  Apr 1822Backwell, Somerset, England I9991
4 ROGERS, Lancelot  Jul 1774Backwell, Somerset, England I8123


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ROGERS, Thomas  1861Backwell, Somerset, England I10446