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14651 Weston-Super-Mare FHS Parish Baptism Index ROGERS, James (I9994)
14652 Weston-Super-Mare FHS Parish Baptism Index ROGERS, Lancelot (I10449)
14653 Weston-Super-Mare FHS Parish Burial Index JENKINS, John (I8627)
14654 Weston-Super-Mare FHS Parish Burial Index JENKINS, John (I8627)
14655 Weston-Super-Mare FHS Parish Burial Index ROGERS, James (I9991)
14656 Weston-Super-Mare Parish Burial Index JENKINS, Jemima (I8119)
14657 What is a Marriage Settlement The basic answer is: when a man and woman married, the law considered the wife's legal identity to be absorbed into her husband's, this meant that everything a woman owned before her marriage became the property of her husband, to dispose of as he pleased. This did not change until the Married Women's Property Act of 1882 that married women were given the same property rights as single women. Marriage settlements, which were essentially prenuptual agreements, were the means that parents and guardians used to circumvent this problem. The settlement would set up a separate trust for the wife and guarentee her access to certain amounts of funds during her husband's life and after his death. Exact terms would be negotiated and contracted out by the parties involved and could include other provisions as well. This way a father could prevent a profligate son-in-law from spending all his money and leaving his daughter destitute. WISDEN, Maud Annie Margaret (I7182)
14658 When David left school he worked at the Chemistry laboratory at Richard Thomas and Baldwins Steelworks in Ebbw Vale. He left there to join the Royal Marines in 1956. On the 20th. August 1960 David was on leave and visiting his mother in Pennant Street, ebbw Vale and on Saturday night of the 20th. August 1960n he went to the dance at the drill hall in Ebbw Vale, David had been to the pub before going to the dance as the Drill Hall was alcohol free and like a lot of men needed some dutch courage to approach girls for a dance. David asked Joyce for a dance and they had a couple of dances together and then for the last waltz they danced for the last time that night. David walked Joyce home that night and arranged to see Joyce the following morning as he had to return to the Royal Marine Barracks, Eastney in Portsmouth that Sundat evening. This was the start of a blossoming romance which culminated in David and Joyce getting married at Christ Church, Ebbw Vale following an engagement in December 1961. The happy couple went on honeymoon to Cornwall and then to Torquay in Devon for an Idyllic two weeks. The happy couple then collected their belongings and moved down to Portsmouth together, renting a "Flat" with a shared bathroom at Francis Avenue in Southsea. This proved to be a problematical arrangement because the landlady in Joyces's word "was a very unpleasant person". Joyce, when she moved to Portsmouth with David, found work with Vosepr Thornycrofts' shipyard, working in their drawing office as a tracer, a job she had done at RTB's in Ebbw Vale before her marriage. Joyce, one day, was taken ill at work at sent home to recover. When Joyce arrived at the flat she opened the living room door and found the landlady and the Landlady's aunt nosing through their belongings. When David found out he arranged a move to rooms at Winstanley Road, Northend in Portsmouth with a lovely landlady and her husband who were in their late sixties, Mr and Mrs Waites. He was disabled folling the removal of a lung after a T.B. infection. They were very kind to David and Joyce, a far cry from their previous miserable landlady. LLOYD, David (I2227)
14659 when he crashed the R.A.F. "Avro" he was flying GIBBON, Douglas W (I19172)
14660 While on circuit as a Judge. EYRE, Samuel (I13835)
14661 Whitehall, 9 January 1940

The Order of Vasa conferred by His Majesty the King of Sweden in recognition of valuable services rendered by him in the capacity of honorary Vice-Consul of Sweden at Hong Kong.

Whitehall, 17 November 1961

Golden Cross conferred by His Majesty the King of the Hellenes, in recognition of valuable services rendered by him in the capacity of Honorable Consul of Greece in Hong Kong. 
BLAKER, C.B.E., M.C., E.D. Cedric (I15183)
14662 Widely available as a free PDF download. Source (S2535)
14663 Wife MORRIS, Julia (I22182)
14664 Wikipedia. FOSTER-BARHAM, Thomas (I298)
14665 Wikipedia. BARHAM, Thomas Foster (I2279)
14666 Will Dated to Will Proved. BIGOE, Mary (I14047)
14667 Will pproved " Robert Kersley and Henry George Kersleyboth of Shaftesbury Wine Merchants and Wholesale Grocers the sons the surviving Executors." KERSLEY, George (I19413)
14668 William died at his son Gwyne's house. Weston, William John (I1361)
14669 William was living in the same street, possibly next-door-neighbours, as Sarah Saxby who he would marry in 1863. BARDEN, William (I17522)
14670 Willliam Biddle from the IGI BIDDLE, William (I3047)
14671 Wiltshire FHS Parish Burial Index ZILLWOOD, Richard (I5252)
14672 Wiltshire FHS Parish Burial Index CABLE, Ann (I5253)
14673 Wiltshire FHS Parish Burials Index ZILLWOOD, John (I5256)
14674 With his parents. ROOKE, George Giles (I21427)
14675 Wood Turner HOUGHTON, George (I7326)
14676 Woolfardisworthy is also known a Woolsery. BOND, Rhoda (I6306)
14677 WW1 Casualty EGERTON, Edward Brassey (I12988)
14678 WW1 Casualty DICKENS, Cedric Charles (I16536)
14679 WW1 Casualty SHELLEY, Ernest Bowen (I17599)
14680 WW1 Casualty COCQUEREL, Marcel (I18788)
14681 WW1 Casualty, 2nd Lieutenant 8th Battalion the Middlesex Regiment. Buried near Wancourt, France. DE SALIS, George Rodolph (I3696)
14682 WW1 Casualty, 2nd. Battalion East Sussex Regiment KIRTLAND, John (I11447)
14683 WW1 Casualty, 2nd. Lieutenant Rifle Brigade. BOOTHBY, Ernest Brooke (I12276)
14684 WW1 Casualty, 6th. Btn. Royal Warwickshire Regiment. MASCORD, Alfred Edgar (I3105)
14685 WW1 Casualty, Battle of the Somme ROLLS, John MacLean (I2579)
14686 WW1 Casualty, Captain 2nd. Northamptonshire Regiment HUNT, George Ward (I17623)
14687 WW1 Casualty, Captain, Nottingham and Derby Regiment. Backhouse, Hubert Edmund (I15582)
14688 WW1 Casualty, Captain, Queen's Own Oxfordshire Hussars. FANE, Horatio Alfred (I5454)
14689 WW1 Casualty, Captain, Royal Gloucestershire Hussars. HERBERT, Elidyr John Bernard (I20396)
14690 WW1 casualty, Killed in Action, Private 13057, 1st Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment. He Enlisted at Penarth, Glamorgan, Wales. Commemorated on the Thiepval memorial, The Somme, France. Gillespie, Frank (I13321)
14691 WW1 Casualty, Lance Corporal 20th Btn. Australian Infantry LAMPEN, Charles Alexander Stephen Dudley (I9407)
14692 WW1 Casualty, Lieutenant Royal Horse Artillery BOOTHBY, John Henry (I12280)
14693 WW1 Casualty, Lieutenant, South Wales Borderers TALBOT, Arthur Aston (I20670)
14694 WW1 Casualty, London Regiment DALE, Owen Clifford (I15390)
14695 WW1 Casualty, Major, Royal Garrison Artillery - 128th. Heavy Battery FANE, Octavius Edward (I5456)
14696 WW1 Casualty, Private 5688, 4th Bt. Australian Infantry WITHERIDGE, Thomas (I5715)
14697 WW1 Casualty, West Yorkshire Regiment ROOKE, Arthur Eustace (I21467)
14698 WW1 Casualty; 2 Coy. 2nd Bn. Grenadier Guards HEASMAN, Frederick Bertram (I1426)
14699 WW1 Casualty; Captain, 5th Dragoon Guards (Princess Charlotte of Wales's) CRAWSHAY, Mervyn (I20312)
14700 WW1 Casualty; Private, 23 Btn. Royal Fusiliers, Died of Wounds NEAME, Richard Stuart (I14481)

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